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Do I have rights as a patient?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

As a patient, you must put a lot of trust in your care provider. You have to rely on that person to do the right thing to make you better.

You also have rights as a patient. The American Medical Association explains your patient’s rights concern the provider’s duties to keep you informed and ensure you consent to treatments.

General care

One of the general care rights you have is for a doctor to treat you with respect and to uphold your dignity. He or she should never talk down to you or let you sit in pain for no reason. Your doctor should also interact with you in a professional and caring manner.


Your provider should always explain what is happening and allow you to ask questions. You should understand what is going on with your health and what options you have for treatment. This also includes the right to refuse treatment.


You have strong privacy rights thanks to many laws addressing this subject. Your care facility should keep your records private and not allow access by anyone unless it has your approval. You have the overall right to confidentiality and to know your provider will not let others know about your medical care or condition unless you say that is ok to do.

Your patient rights should be something your doctor values. It is a core of the medical field to put patients first and to give them a professional level of care. If you feel a violation of your rights occurs, then you should be able to address that with your provider.


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