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What should you know about RSIs?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The workplace is home to many potential threats to your health, and some of the biggest threats are the ones that exist right in front of you. This includes the threat of repetitive strain injuries.

These injuries can come in many forms and degrees of severity. Worse still, just about any worker is susceptible to them. But how do they form? How serious are they? And is there anything you can do about them?

What causes RSIs?

Healthline discusses repetitive strain injuries as they occur in the workplace. An RSI can happen any time there is repetitive motion. Unfortunately, this happens in almost every job. For example, a car mechanic does the same repairs every day. A cashier constantly checks out items at the register. A secretary uses a computer and phone day in and out. All of these tasks require a form of repeated motion.

How can you cure an RSI?

Unfortunately, there is no medicine or magic cure that can make an RSI go away. You can take steps to reduce the severity, such as taking anti-inflammatory medication or applying compresses and heat to the affected area. But the only real way an RSI can heal is through rest. This is hard for workers, though. You often cannot take enough time off to allow your injury the amount of rest it needs. This leads to a steady worsening of the RSI.

Often, RSIs are severe enough to require surgery. This takes even more time out of your work schedule. On top of that, it is costly. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should provide coverage for your medical expenses and a portion of your earnings while you are off work recovering.


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