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Crash reconstruction experts help win cases

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Car Accidents

When filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver, the victim’s goal is to prove fault and secure compensation for severe injuries or even the loss of a loved one. Legal teams will sometimes hire independent investigators to help determine the crash’s cause and whether there was negligent behavior. Their investigation can uncover such facts that a truck driver was not watching the road when the collision occurred, or that another driver traveled well above the posted speed limit.

How do they do it?

These investigators or experts often are retired law enforcement officers, engineers or automotive experts. They consider all elements of the crash, often visiting the site of the crash, to determine the facts of the incident accurately. They note such details as skid marks on the road, gouge marks or scrub marks. They may also examine the vehicle firsthand or pictures taken at the time of the crash. Drawing upon knowledge and experience, they look at collision angles, velocity and even visibility at the time of the crash. They use mathematic formulas, physics principles, and automotive engineering knowledge to create an accurate reading of the incident. They may even use technology to help illustrate their points.

The benefits

The plaintiff’s legal team can use the newly unearthed facts to strengthen their argument that the defendant was negligent. This can refute erroneous information provided by the defendant or other eyewitnesses whose recollections may be inaccurate due to the passing of time or the crash’s traumatic nature. These experts focus on facts versus memories.

Expert witnesses can also testify in court, using the aforementioned visual aids to create a vivid picture for the court. Expert witnesses may also counter this for the defense.

Legal representation is also crucial

Attorneys may suggest the use of crash reconstruction experts, but a skilled personal injury attorney with motor vehicle crash case experience can nevertheless be invaluable to securing the best possible outcome for the plaintiff. This includes securing financial compensation for injuries suffered as well as holding the negligent accountable.


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