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Are falls at work preventable?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Louisiana workers like you often face dangers on the job. As a construction worker, you face more physical risks than many of your peers. For example, construction hosts the highest number of fall incidents compared to any other industry. 

But why do these falls happen? Can you do anything to prevent them and make your workplace safer? 

The prevalence of fall incidents in construction

The National Safety Council talks about falls at the workplace. The construction field alone makes up more than half of the total number of fall injuries and deaths. From this, you can tell that it is a big issue the industry struggles with. But why is it so susceptible to falls in the first place? 

Experts say that many falls, if not most of them, are preventable. In other words, freak accidents happen. However, they are not responsible for most injuries. Instead, some of the common culprits include: 

  • Equipment that is old or broken 
  • Outdated safety protocols or equipment 
  • A lack of safety education programs 
  • An unrealistic expectation of the workers 
  • Lack of safety gear 

What is the root of these issues?

Many of these issues stem from problems in upper management. Employers may want to cut costs and corners. They do not maintain equipment properly or replace worn tools. They do not want to pay to have workers like you trained in updated safety measures. They refuse to hire extra staff, leaving you overworked and more likely to slip up. In some cases, they may even encourage rushing to finish jobs early. 

If your employers are creating a dangerous environment for you and your fellow workers, you may want to report the situation. 


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