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Is Erb’s palsy the result of negligence?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Mothers in Louisiana expect the best care when they check into a hospital to give birth. Birth related incidents continue to drop in the modern age of medicine. But this does not mean accidents never happen.

Today we will look at a birth injury that may result from negligence. This injury is Erb’s palsy, and it can affect any newborn.

How does Erb’s palsy manifest?

OrthoInfo looks into what may lead to Erb’s palsy in an infant. First, what is Erb’s palsy? It is a type of nerve injury that takes place in the brachial plexus area. In essence, nerves end up stretched too much or otherwise damaged. The resulting damage leads to issues like limb weakness. It can also cause tingling or a lack of sensation in the affected area.

Erb’s palsy also affects infants to varying degrees. For example, some may suffer from complete paralysis of the limb. They cannot move it even a small amount. For most cases, the child retains some level of mobility. Another good piece of news is that the recovery rate for Erb’s palsy is quite high. Quick action and the aid of physical therapy help most victims recover. Many recover completely in months or years.

Causes of Erb’s palsy

So what causes this nerve damage in the first place? It often comes down to the medical staff that helped with delivery. Erb’s palsy is most common in instances when a newborn’s head or shoulder gets pulled too roughly. This stretches and damages the fragile nerves. Sometimes this happens as staff rushes to deliver a child who may suffer from other risks. Sometimes, it is an accident due to negligence.


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