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Identifying and preventing medical errors

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

For most people, they trust their doctor with their life. It is easy to forget that they are just normal people and can make mistakes like everyone else. Those mistakes, however, may result in severe injuries or even death. 

We understand how medical malpractice works. We have helped many of our clients with their medical malpractice claims. 

Common medical errors 

As found on U.S. News, some common medical errors are also easily preventable. Medication errors, for example, hurt millions of people in hospitals each year. This error can easily result from a nurse or a doctor misreading your chart. Unfortunately, this error can also be deadly. Aside from medication errors, simple things can cause disease and infection if done improperly. If your clinician forgets to wash their hands, for example, you may develop an infection. Known as healthcare-associated infections, these can be easily prevented. 

What you can do to prevent medical errors 

As a patient, you have the right to make sure that your doctor or nurse is taking care of you appropriately. Some ways you can help reduce medical errors include staying informed and asking questions. For example, make sure you know what medications and doses you are being prescribed. If a doctor or nurse gives you medication, check the dosage against your prescription. Do not be afraid to ask your clinician to wash their hands. If you have an IV in, make sure the healthcare staff lets you know how long it should stay in so you can keep track. If left in too long, those IVs can also cause infections or let bacteria into your system. 


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