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What is a wrongful death claim and how can one help families?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim for damages can come at a difficult time in the lives of surviving family members who have lost a loved one in a fatal accident. It can serve as a legal resource to help them recover compensation for some of the damages they have suffered, including financial and emotional damages.

Surviving family members who have had a loved one wrongfully killed in a car wreck or other type of accident should understand how wrongful death legal protections could help them. A wrongful death claim for damages is brought on behalf of the estate of the lost loved one for the benefit of surviving family members. Depending on where the wrongful death claim is brought, certain family members may have the right to bring the claim, but generally spouses and dependents can do so. A wrongful death claim is brought against the negligent party responsible for the accident.

When a negligent driver or other negligent party is liable for the damages suffered by surviving family members, then they may be responsible to compensate those surviving family members for their financial and emotional damages. Damages that may be recovered through a wrongful death claim can include medical and funeral expenses, loss of support and services, loss of companionship, and lost prospect of inheritance.

Wrongful death legal protections are available to families who have suffered an unexpected loss and are met with equally unexpected financial and emotional challenges they may not be prepared to face. A claim for damages serves as a legal resource to help them with some of what they have lost so that they can move on with life as best as possible in remembrance of their lost loved one.


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