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In 2019, distracted driver incidents continue to rise

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Car Accidents

For Louisianans and people across the nation, discussions about encountering a distracted driver are becoming a constant part of everyday life. This is largely because there are so many people who are getting behind the wheel and then decide they can multitask by using a device or taking part in other activities.

This is a risk for everyone and, as a new study shows, it has gotten worse in early 2019 when compared to 2018.

Zendrive released a study that says there has been an increase of 10 percent in distracted driving in 2019 versus 2018. This was found in all the cities and states that the company assessed in its research. It came to its conclusions with 1.8 million anonymous drivers who traveled a total of 4.5 billion miles. The company uses software that monitors how drivers are behaving and emits warnings if drivers are behaving dangerously.

The study also indicated that so-called “phone addicts” are not paying attention to the road approximately 28 percent of the entire time they are driving. A phone addict is described as someone who uses their device greater than 10 percent of the time while driving. Most frequently, the main distractions are text messages, talking, changing the music drivers are listening to, and using direction apps.

In surveying 500 people, 85 percent who took part stated that distracted driving is problematic. However, 47 percent said the amount of time they used the phone behind the wheel came to 10 percent.

When there is an auto accident, it has become a significant possibility that it was due to a distracted driver. Statistically, the number of drivers who are not paying attention to the road has made it one of the biggest risks of causing a car crash with injuries and fatalities. Those who have been in an accident should remember the importance of a crash reconstruction and a full investigation to gather evidence for a legal filing. A law firm that has experience in all forms of car accidents can help.


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