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Falls and worker overexertion top the list for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Louisiana workers can suffer injuries on the job for many reasons.

There are some jobs that are obviously at higher risk for workplace injuries than others, but any job and activity within that job can lead to an accident. This is true even for the most innocuous and seemingly safe forms of employment.

Regardless of the job a person was doing at the time, a workplace injury can lead to a litany of problems and concerns. Medical expenses, lost wages, long-term damage and even death can come about. Having legal advice when seeking workers’ compensation is crucial to a case.

Understanding the most common types of injuries is important. A recent report from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company discusses the 2019 workplace safety index.

The report says that falls and people overexerting themselves are at the top of the list for costliest injuries. Liberty Mutual used the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as one of its sources. It examined eight industries to assess the most serious injuries in the workplace, their causes and how expensive they were.

When workers suffered overexertion injuries, it accrued to just shy of a quarter of payouts on workers’ compensation claims.

With respect to falls, these were not always workers who were stationed at heights, but were, for example, simply walking along when they fell. These came to 19% of claims. An additional 9.4% were hit by equipment or an object; 9% fell from a higher level to a lower level; 6.7% were other exertion injuries and 4.9% were motorized vehicle accidents.

Construction workers have a high level of injuries each year. For them, falling from a higher level topped the list. Manufacturing, warehouse work and transport workers had overexertion at the top of the list. Overall, the top 10 disabling accidents cost almost $47 billion. 85% of the workers who received benefits were in the eight industries studied.

No matter the industry in which a person works, a workplace injury can spark numerous financial and physical concerns that must be addressed. Not being able to work because of an injury can hinder a person as they try to make ends meet. Medical costs can be exorbitant, and they can find themselves with nowhere to turn. Workers’ compensation is integral to being protected until the person can return to work or if he or she cannot. Those who were injured on the job should not hesitate in calling an experienced legal firm for assistance with their workers’ compensation case.


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