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Study shows errors in diagnosis a common cause of concern

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

When Louisianans have a health issue, seeking treatment from a medical professional is the natural and wise thing to do. While most people obtain proper care and avoid often feared of medical mistakes that result in a worsened condition, long-term medical problems, or death, some individuals do suffer serious injuries and death due to medical errors. The damages caused by these incidences can be tragic and overwhelming, which is why it is imperative that victims and their families consider legal action.

Studies are critical to understand the scope of the problem of medical mistakes. New research from the ECRI Institute says that diagnostic errors and the management of test results were first in the ten biggest worries for patient safety in 2019. This is the second straight year that this is the case. According to the CEO of ECRI, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical errors. Problems with electronic health records (EHR) can be a catalyst for these medical mistakes as medical professionals rely on this information to make accurate diagnoses. If there is a mistake with these records, then people can become ill, suffer injuries, or lose their lives.

ECRI says that medical mistakes stem from the following: reliance on EHRs, administration of unnecessary antibiotics, physician burnout that negatively impacts patient care, new technologies such as mobile health and a lack of information, failure to keep track of patient condition changes, inadequate recognition and treatment of sepsis, the development of infections with peripheral IVs, and a lack of standardized safety practices. In medical settings, any one of these factors can injure or kill a patient, which is especially tragic because such injuries and deaths are wholly preventable.

The idea behind going to a doctor or hospital is to receive treatment for an illness, condition, or injury. People who do not get the correct treatment and suffer a worsened condition as a result can suffer extensive damages. The injuries caused by this medical malpractice can occur during childbirth, surgery, medication administration, and diagnostics. Gathering evidence is critical to uncovering the truth behind a preventable injury or death and forming the basis of a legal claim. Calling for advice from a medical malpractice attorney may be a great way to start the process and ensure that an advocate is on one’s side.


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