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Auto accident between car and school bus injures students

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2019 | Car Accidents

Lake Charles residents and people throughout Louisiana place trust in school bus drivers.

Children can be easily hurt and even lose their lives when they are in a school bus crash. Despite relief parents might feel when they are told that there were no injuries or minor injuries, it is wise to remember that there can be damage unseen and undiagnosed in the immediate aftermath.

Even in situations where there were minor injuries, parents must understand the importance of having legal advice to consider a lawsuit.

A crash between a school bus and a car sent seven students to the hospital. It occurred in the afternoon after 12 p.m. There were 34 students on the bus. The driver of the other vehicle was also hospitalized. According to the investigation, the car was rear-ended by the school bus. The vehicle, a Kia, had extensive damage to its rear. The investigation into the accident is continuing.

When there is any kind of auto accident, the injuries can range from catastrophic to minor. Often, injuries take time to manifest and people do not even realize they were hurt until time has passed.

Symptoms such as back pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping and more can be indicative of injuries that were not immediately noticeable. This is more worrisome when it involves children. Even when the injuries were reported as minor or initially there were not believed to have been injuries at all, it is still important to think about the possibility that there was damage and to consider a legal filing.

School bus accidents can happen for a variety of reasons from the reckless, negligent and illegal acts on the part of those sharing the road with a school bus to the same behaviors on the part of the school bus driver. In this accident, a school bus ran into a car. With the injuries suffered by the students and the driver of the car, it is imperative that those who were impacted contact a law firm experienced in car accidents and other types of motor vehicle accidents to discuss a case and seek compensation.


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