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School officer directing traffic injured in workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Since Louisiana law enforcement and other first responders willingly put themselves in harm’s way as part of the duties of their job, it is easy to forget that they can be injured just like anyone. Workplace injuries apply to people who take their lives into their own hands to help others, and they, too, have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits for injuries suffered in the line of duty. This is even true when there is a car accident and an officer is injured. For those who are injured in a workplace accident, having legal assistance is fundamental to getting workers’ compensation benefits for all that was lost.

This very well may be the case for an elementary school resource officer who was injured when he was hit by a car as he directed traffic. The accident happened before 7 a.m. as the 37-year-old male officer was in front of the school. A vehicle that was heading east crashed into him. He suffered serious injuries, but they are not believed to be life-threatening. He was said to have suffered one broken leg, injuries to the other leg, and head injuries, including a concussion. The officer had worked at the school on two separate occasions from 2007 to 2012 and 2013 to the present. He has worked for the sheriff’s office for a decade. The driver who crashed into the officer was questioned, but the investigation is continuing.

When an injury is suffered on the job, the injured worker will likely miss time at work and need to think about their wages and the medical coverage they will need. This can often lead to complications with the insurance company. There could be a disagreement as to how extensive the injuries are and when the person will have recovered sufficiently to get back to work. In many instances, the worker is not capable of doing the same job as he or she did before. Disputes are common in these cases, which is why injured workers should have legal help in hopes of maximizing their benefits.

As this injured worker recovers from his injuries, he clearly will be unable to perform the duties that are part of his job, meaning that he will probably miss work and lose much needed wages. Along with that, he will likely need medical care. Considering the extent of his injuries, he must consider how best to protect himself by discussing a workers’ compensation case with an attorney experienced in helping injured workers. This is a wise step in fighting to recover all the benefits to which he is entitled.


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