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Pregnant woman hurt in car crash when vehicle runs into Starbucks

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2019 | Car Accidents

Louisianans who are on the road in any capacity — as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian — will know there is a possibility of being in an auto accident. These accidents can lead to injuries and fatalities and despite the likelihood that it will not happen, when it does, people must be aware of what they might face in the aftermath. When people are in a store or even in their own homes, they are certainly not thinking they will suddenly be injured in a car crash. However, it does happen when a driver goes out of control and crashes into the building. Those who are hurt or lose their lives in this type of crash should be even more cognizant of the potential damage they can face and think about a legal filing for compensation.

A vehicle crashed through a Starbucks in the early afternoon at approximately 1 p.m. A pregnant woman who was inside the establishment was injured in the crash. According to the investigation, the driver said that her brakes are prone to malfunction and that resulted in her running into the store. The injured woman was responsive to emergency personnel. Her injuries were not believed to be serious, but she was taken to the hospital. It is not known if charges will be filed against the driver and the investigation is continuing.

Any auto accident can have terrible consequences, but when a victim is a person who was in an establishment and was not expecting nor prepared to be in a crash, it can be significantly worse. This is especially true if it is a pregnant woman. A vehicle crashing into a store can place many people in jeopardy including children, customers, workers and anyone else who is unfortunate enough to be in its path. Injuries can result in massive medical expenses, the inability to work, hospitalizations and the need for help to do even the smallest tasks. Whether the injuries are initially perceived as serious or not, having legal advice to consider all options is key.

A pregnant woman was taken to the hospital after she was injured when a vehicle crashed into a Starbucks while she was inside. Some injuries can take time to manifest and this is fundamentally true when the victim is pregnant. She must think about her and her family’s future by contacting a law firm that has experience in a variety of car accidents to consider a legal filing.


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