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Distracted driving becoming more prevalent

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

Louisianans are reminded regularly of the dangers of distracted driving. The prevalence of auto accidents caused by distracted drivers is worrisome and studies have been conducted to determine if various strategies impact this driver behavior. Those who have been involved in a car crash should determine whether it was because of a distracted driver, as this can be critical when filing for compensation.

One new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that drivers are still using their devices behind the wheel. Nearly 12,000 drivers were studied in Virginia for the study. The study found a 57 percent increase in drivers using cellphones when compared to the numbers from 2014.

Research has determined that distracted driving causes at least 800 deaths every year. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2017, 3,100 people were killed by distracted drivers. The IIHS believes the NHTSA numbers are actually lower than they should be because of people failing to report that they were using their phone at the time of an accident.

People often believe they can multitask safely while driving. Automakers are encouraged to implement safety features to make it easier for people to use their devices without using their hands. Despite the ideas and intentions of researchers, legislators, law enforcement and many others to curb distracted driving, drivers still do it and cause accidents. After a crash, the medical costs, lost income and more can cause dramatic life changes. A legal filing can be key to the investigation and can help recover compensation for all that was lost in a car accident. Calling a law firm that is experienced in these cases is imperative.


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