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Alleged drunk driver rear-ends rideshare vehicle, injuring driver

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2019 | Car Accidents

Lake Charles residents and Louisianans overall are aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. One way to avoid the risks and consequences of DUI is to use ride-sharing services. The idea is to let someone else do the driving. While this is a wise step for would-be drivers, one factor that is out of the person’s control is if there is a drunk driver on the road and they encounter such a driver. An auto accident because of a drunk driver can result in injuries and death. Whether the victim is a person who is driving for a living or is a passenger in a ride-sharing vehicle, it might be necessary to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

A driver for the ride-sharing company Lyft had injuries while transporting a passenger after the vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. The accident happened in the evening at approximately 8 p.m. The investigation indicated that the driver of a Ford F-250 pickup truck was under the influence when he hit the Lyft Nissan Maxima. It was a rear-end crash. The driver of the pickup also had two children in the vehicle. Testing to determine his alcohol content showed he was more than twice the legal limit. The driver of the Nissan had what were said to be minor injuries. The passenger was unhurt.

Drunk drivers do not have the judgment or the reaction time of sober drivers. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence is bad enough, but when doing it with children in the vehicle indicates a complete lack of care for the health and safety of anyone else. Those who were in an auto accident with a drunk driver must remember that even if their injuries do not seem serious or they do not think they were hurt in the immediate aftermath, issues can arise in the short and long term that result in medical costs, lost wages and innumerable problems. Like those who have clear injuries like broken bones, cuts, head injuries and more, anyone in a crash should seek medical help and consider a legal filing for compensation.

An alleged drunk driver who had two children in the vehicle rear-ended a Lyft vehicle. Although the driver was said to have minor injuries and the passenger seemed fine, they must still remember their rights to be compensated. Anyone who is in a similar accident should also remember the importance of legal advice. A law firm that has experience in car accidents should be consulted with to consider the next step for a lawsuit.


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