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Accidents involving a distracted driver do more damage

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Car Accidents

The stories about distracted drivers in Louisiana are heard every day. Simply looking left and right when on the road is not entirely enough these days. Drivers texting and driving, making a phone call, surfing the web, checking social media or doing any one of the innumerable things possible on a cellphone, have only increased the dangers to pedestrians and other drivers. This is a growing danger for people to be in an auto accident with injuries and death. Despite law enforcement and legislators exhorting drivers not to take part in the practice, it continues. Researchers examine the phenomenon as well.

In one recent study, it was found that distracted driving accidents are generally worse than other types of accidents. In addition, road design could play a part in accident severity. The Risk Institute at Ohio State University states that the chances of being in a crash with severe injuries or fatalities is increased in a distracted driving accident when examined in comparison with other accidents. This is especially true when it is a rear-end accident, in a work zone or on the interstate.

The danger of an accident is reduced when the roads are roundabouts. This also reduces the chance of there being significant injuries and death as these kinds of roadways place greater emphasis on a driver needing to pay stricter attention. Road design and law enforcement cracking down on distracted drivers could have a positive effect on the number of accidents that happen because of a driver not watching the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 9 percent of the fatal accidents that occurred in 2016 were because of a distracted driver. Ohio State researchers examined around 1.4 million police reports for 2013 to 2017. The number of fatal crashes because of distracted driving rose in the state and across the nation. Nearly half were because of distractions that were in the vehicle. People ages 20 to 24 had the most accidents because of distracted driving and for other reasons.

The issue of distracted driving has reached a point at which any accident results in a nearly automatic assumption that the driver was distracted. With the injuries, lost wages, long-term problems, medical expenses and more that accompany a car accident, having legal help is key to receiving compensation. When there is a fatality, which is even more pronounced. Having a law firm experienced in car accidents is critical and an investigation into the crash can determine its cause and assist with the necessary steps to filing a claim.


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