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Rider hospitalized after hit-and-run bicycle-auto accident

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2018 | Car Accidents

Bicycle accidents have been a frequent topic of discussion in Louisiana for the simple reason that there are a significant number of them on the state roadways. While it might seem repetitive to discuss them, the only way to reduce them is to understand why they happen and hope that drivers have greater vigilance when behind the wheel and sharing the road with a rider. Another factor in these accidents is that many drivers will decide to flee the scene. When there is a hit-and-run, it is even more imperative that the victim and the victim’s family seek legal help immediately.

A bicyclist was injured in a hit-and-run in Lake Charles. The accident occurred in the late evening at about 7:30 p.m. According to witnesses and the investigation, the car and the bicycle were heading east when they collided. The vehicle – described as being white or silver in color and compact in size – took off. Law enforcement is seeking the vehicle and the driver. The bicyclist was taken to the hospital and reported in stable condition. The investigation is continuing.

A bicycle-auto accident is bad enough without the driver deciding not to remain at the scene, render aid and call for help. The least a driver can do is see if the rider is injured or not. When they choose not to do this, they are not only putting the rider’s life in jeopardy with their lack of action and care, but they are committing a crime. This could be for myriad reasons including fear, being under the influence, or simply not wanting to take responsibility for the auto accident. Regardless, a rider can have major injuries, lost wages, long-term medical expenses that can be financially devastating, and more.

A car and a bicycle collided and the driver of the car fled. Law enforcement is seeking the driver as the rider is hospitalized. With all the issues that can arise due to the vulnerability of the rider and the illegal act of fleeing on the part of the driver, having legal help is a must. Those who have been hurt in a bicycle accident must remember to contact a law firm experienced in car accidents involving a bicycle.


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