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Pickup turns into motorcyclist’s path leading to fatal accident

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Wrongful Death

Regardless of how cautious Lake Charles motorcyclists are when they are on the road, their vulnerability to being injured or facing a wrongful death incident in an accident is inherent and well-known. Because they are on a smaller vehicle that drivers of conventional vehicles will have the propensity to miss if they are not paying strict attention, accidents because of negligence or recklessness can occur and lead to significant damage. When there is a motorcycle crash and it leads to death, it is imperative that the family of the deceased person understands their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing with help from a qualified attorney.

A crash between a Toyota Tacoma and a motorcycle led to the death of a 48-year-old man. The accident happened not long before midnight. According to the law enforcement investigation, the motorcyclist was heading south in the outer lane. The driver of the Tacoma was going north. The Tacoma turned left and went into the path of the motorcyclist and the vehicles collided. The motorcyclist was declared dead. The driver of the Tacoma was taken to the hospital for treatment. The case is still being investigated and citations have not been issued yet.

A family being told that a loved one died in a fatal accident is one of the most difficult calls they can get. Not only is it unexpected when a loss of a loved one occurs in a motor vehicle accident, but when it is an unnecessary incident where someone was simply not yielding to a motorcycle as they are supposed to, it is worse. The lost companionship, lost contributions, lost income and other factors will be part of the process after they have come to grips with the death and the funeral expenses. It can be hard to think about a legal filing as they try to get beyond the death, but it is important to know that evidence must be accrued and the investigation must commence to prepare for a lawsuit.

A collision between a Toyota Tacoma and a motorcycle ended with the motorcyclist’s death. Investigators believe the Tacoma was trying to turn and went into the motorcyclist’s path, causing the crash. As the investigation continues, the biker’s family should ensure they are protected by contacting a law firm experienced in wrongful death cases to begin taking the steps for a lawsuit.


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