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Vehicle hits trucker inspecting blowout, causing wrongful death

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When there is an accident in Louisiana, there is never an excuse for fleeing the scene no matter the circumstances. With a crash, the decision to flee will make the situation exponentially worse. Law enforcement is vigilant about catching hit-and-run drivers and the family of the person who was hurt or died in these accidents must protect their interests with help from a lawyer when the fleeing driver is caught.

A truck driver died in what is believed to have been a fatal hit-and-run. According to the investigation, a 57-year-old trucker had a tire blow out and stopped his vehicle near an exit ramp. When he exited his truck to survey the damage, he is thought to have been hit by a vehicle that subsequently fled the scene. When he was found, he had injuries to his upper and lower body. He was taken to the hospital where he later died. The investigation to find that vehicle is ongoing.

Since there can be substantial injuries in a motor vehicle crash, time is of the essence to help those who might have been hurt. Fleeing an accident deprives the injured of that chance. The lost companionship, lost wages and emotional impact of a loved one dying in a car crash can be long-lasting. Often, the only way to recover adequate compensation after the loss of a loved one is through a wrongful death legal filing. As the investigation in this case continues, it is imperative that the family understand the need for legal help by contacting an attorney experienced in car accidents and wrongful death claims.


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