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Failure to yield leads to fatal accident with motorcycle

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Wrongful Death

When motorcyclists and conventional vehicles share the road in Lake Charles and across Louisiana, the key to everyone staying safe is to adhere to the rules of the road and keep a close watch on surroundings. When there is a mistake or a violation on the part of the driver of a car or truck, a motorcyclist can pay the consequences and be injured or killed in a fatal accident. For those who have been injured in a motorcycle crash or who have lost a loved one, it is critical to remember the aftereffects of this type of incident and be protected from a legal standpoint.

According to a recent report, a motorcyclist died after he was involved in a crash with a car. The accident occurred in the evening when the vehicle was driven into the motorcycle’s path. The vehicle was a 2015 Honda Civic and the driver was a 22-year-old female. The Honda was heading north and stopped at a stop sign before driving in front of the motorcycle, which was heading east. The biker was on a 2018 Harley Davidson. When the vehicle went into the 29-year-old rider’s path, he went to the ground to try to avoid the accident.

Although the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation, he was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. He died there. The Honda ran into a ditch and the driver was not hurt. She was cited for failing to yield. Neither the driver nor the motorcyclist is believed to have been impaired. The investigation is ongoing.

With any fatal accident, there will be issues that the family left behind will be forced to face. That includes the funeral costs and the immediate emotional impact from the unexpected loss. There will also be financial and personal ramifications to come to grips with. Perhaps the person who died was a breadwinner, a parent and an important contributor to a home. These must all be considered before accepting a possible offer made by an insurance company to preclude a legal filing. Oftentimes, these offers are woefully inadequate.

Since the driver of the Honda was cited for failing to yield and the motorcyclist died after the crash, there is likely a good foundation to file a lawsuit for compensation. The motorcyclist’s family may need to get more information about a possible wrongful death lawsuit.


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