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Goodyear tires on motorhomes might be linked to car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are so many different dangers on the roads in Louisiana that one of the last things that people will expect to be a problem is the tires on their own vehicles. Unfortunately, among the litany of issues that can lead to a car crash with injuries and fatalities, is the possibility that there was a defect with the tires. When this happens, it is important that there be a full investigation, a crash reconstruction and the proper steps taken to determine how and why it happened to ensure that it does not place anyone else in jeopardy. But, in some cases, the company does not adhere to this basic principle. Such is believed to have been the case with Goodyear tires for motorhomes.

An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is underway to examine assertions that these tires led to accidents and numerous injuries and fatalities since 1996. In a letter, the NHTSA asked for more information regarding Goodyear’s G159 tires. It also wants to receive a detailed process of how the company evaluates a claim regarding a safety issue. Cited in the letter are allegations that there were 95 injuries or deaths. From 2003 to 2015, there were said to have been 57 injuries or deaths. Approximately 40,000 motorhomes had these tires.

Goodyear says that it is cooperating with the investigation and will provide all the information that the NHTSA wants. The tires were manufactured between 1996 and 2003. There was never a recall. The records regarding complaints about the tires being defective were released by a judge in Arizona after a request was made by a watchdog organization, The Center for Auto Safety. The investigation by the NHTSA started in December of 2017.

When there is an auto accident, it is important to understand the cause. In many instances, it can be difficult to find out exactly why it happened, leaving the victims wondering what to do next. If there was a problem with a fundamental part of any vehicle – including the tires – then this can be a key factor in seeking compensation for medical costs, lost wages and the loss of a loved one. For people who were in a crash and believe it might have been due to the problems with these tires, it is imperative to seek legal assistance right away. A law firm that is experienced in helping clients after car accidents may be able to assist in pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

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