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Improperly loaded trucks can lead to an auto accident

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are many different vehicles on the road in Louisiana and all must share the road, be predictable and take all the necessary steps to ensure that everyone remains safe. Large trucks are part of that. These vehicles can be intimidating, with their size and the speeds at which they travel. For the most part, their owners and operators take the required steps to make certain that all the safety boxes are checked. However, given the need to cart heavy items and equipment, some of it must be strapped down. This can result in danger.

A failure to properly strap down heavy objects can lead to a treacherous situation and an auto accident. Smaller vehicles that encounter a large truck with an improperly secured load can face catastrophic injuries, and even death, if there is an accident. Truckers must take great care when carting heavy loads and equipment. One wrong turn and the vehicle can tip over. Any vehicle behind the truck or beside it will be in jeopardy if that happens. When there is an accident, one of the most important factors in seeking compensation in a legal filing is the investigation as to how it occurred.

Failing to properly load a truck is an act of negligence. Factors that cause the load to be unstable include failing to strap it down properly and the items falling, as can happen when logs are being carted; overloading the truck bed, with a spill and overturned vehicle; cargo that shifts from where it is placed and the truck jackknifes; and carrying a load so heavy that a tire blow out leads to the truck going out of control and crushing anything and anyone in its path. It does not even need to be a large item to cause damage. A smaller item that falls from a truck that was traveling at a significant speed can cause injuries and death to anyone hit by it.

When there is an accident with a large truck or items that are being carted by a large truck, there is a major chance of long-term damage and potentially death. People can face massive medical costs, lost time on the job, extended care and the fear of never returning to an independent life. When there is a death, the family left behind must think about their future without a loved one. A legal filing can help to recover damages after car accidents due to improperly loaded trucks.


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