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Car accident with police car sends two people to hospital

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Car Accidents

In Lake Charles and across Louisiana, the roads can be a dangerous place. Oftentimes, that danger is related to reckless drivers, drivers under the influence, distracted drivers and other factors. An understated issue that places people at risk is law enforcement or other first responders speeding to get to a scene. While these drivers are trained to operate their vehicles in such circumstances, there can still be car accidents. People who are injured or lose their lives in an auto accident with a law enforcement vehicle should know that they have the same rights to file a lawsuit after a crash with a police car as they do in a crash with any other vehicle.

According to a recent report, two people were injured and hospitalized when their truck was hit by a police car that was racing to a possible crime scene. The accident happened in the mid-morning after 11:15 a.m. A report stated there might have been a shooter at a high school. There was not. One officer was heading to the scene when the vehicle hit a black pickup truck. The passengers’ injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The investigation is ongoing.

After a car accident of any kind, there can be many problems for the victims. Medical expenses can accumulate and place the person in financial difficulty. There can be long-term physical and mental issues after the crash and these can make it necessary to have help to perform the basic functions of life. There can be lost time at work and diminished wages. If there is a fatality, funeral arrangements will be required and the family will be forced to accept that their loved one will never come home. Insurance frequently fails to pay enough to help the injured people and the family left behind. A legal filing can be beneficial to attempt to recover sufficient compensation to pay for all that was lost.

Law enforcement rushing to a crime scene is something that appears to come out of television and film. It is sometimes seen on the news. While it is always something to watch for, people who are on the road will not expect to be hit by one if these vehicles. If it happens and there are injuries and fatalities, having legal help is vital to attempt to be compensated.

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