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3 common construction hazards that could leave you injured

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

You may love working in construction because it allows you to make structures that you know will last. Having any part in the creation of something useful could fill you with pride, and you may enjoy going to work day in and day out. Of course, as a construction worker, you know you face numerous hazards on the job simply due to the tasks that you need to complete.

Though you could face specific dangers at a given worksite, some common safety issues exist. You may have seen some of these problems on jobs you have worked, and you may have even suffered injuries yourself after a work-related accident. Recognizing hazards could help you avoid such incidents in the future, and information on workers’ compensation may prove useful if you have already been injured.

Common hazards

From the type of equipment used to general cleanliness of a work space, safety risks are everywhere. Generally, safety guidelines can help make work sites less hazardous, but if those guidelines are not followed, you and other workers could face harm. Therefore, you may want to remain on the lookout for the following common hazards:

  • Untidiness — While keeping a work space spotless may not be a top priority or even realistic on a construction site, there is much to be said about tidiness. If workers leave equipment and materials strewn haphazardly across the site and in common walking areas, the chances of trips and falls increase. Additionally, keeping too much equipment or material in one area may post a hazard if the weight could cause a collapse.
  • Heights — Often, construction work requires individuals to go up ladders, work on scaffolding or perform duties on partially constructed structures. While you may not have a fear of heights, you still face risks of falling. Unfortunately, falls contribute to a considerable number of construction-related injuries.
  • Forklifts — If you work on a job site that utilizes forklifts, you may face another hazard. In some cases, individuals may feel in a rush to complete a job, and as a result, they may overload a lift, drive too quickly or recklessly, or carry out other actions that pose safety risks. As a result, you or another worker could become injured in a forklift accident.

These common risks are only a few that could impact a construction site. If you suffered injuries due to these issues or other hazards, you may have reason to pursue workers’ compensation. These benefits could offer financial assistance, and if you would like help in obtaining such compensation, you may want to consult with an experienced attorney.


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