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Fatal accident statistics show vulnerability of truck drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Wrongful Death

Trucks can be an intimidating sight on the road in Louisiana and across the nation. Those who share the road with these vehicles must be vigilant and aware of their presence. This is especially true if the vehicle is being operated recklessly, is speeding or if it appears that the driver might be under the influence. However, the dangers go both ways and even for truck drivers who are obeying all the laws and requirements of their chosen profession, it remains a risky job. When there is an accident and a trucker is injured or suffers a wrongful death, it is imperative that the family that has suffered the aftereffects including the loss of a loved one understands how to move forward with a legal filing.

New information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the highest number of fatalities on the job in 2016 occurred to truck drivers. The report, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, was released in late-December. In its study, data from a variety of sources was used for its conclusions. The highest total of fatal accidents on the job of all jobs was for tractor-trailer truck drivers at 786. This was far ahead of the next highest number with farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers at 260. After than were construction workers at 254.

It is an annual reality that truckers are in substantial danger of being in a fatal accident. This has been true since the BLS began tracking it in 1975. There has been a troublesome rise in the last few years. The total in 2016 was a 48 percent rise from 2009. Other jobs had higher rates of death despite truckers having the highest number of fatalities. Loggers and fishermen surpassed truckers per 100,000 workers. In addition, truckers have more non-life-threatening injuries or become ill on the job when compared to other jobs.

People who have a loved one who works as a trucker should be cognizant of the possibility that there will be a fatal accident while they are on the job. When there is an accident, there will be the lost companionship, lost wages, funeral costs and an uncertain future. A full investigation of the accident must be conducted to determine its cause and gather evidence to pursue compensation. A lawyer experienced in all aspects of wrongful death cases can help with a lawsuit.

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