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Car accident victim on bicycle killed in hit-and-run crash

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

Bicyclists and motor vehicles must share the roads in Louisiana to make sure everyone remains safe. Since a bicycle rider is so fundamentally vulnerable, there is a substantial chance that there will be catastrophic injuries and fatalities no matter how cautious they are or what protective equipment they wear. These accidents can happen for many reasons. After car accidents, one thing is certain, drivers are required to remain at the scene to make certain that everyone is safe and if they are not, emergency personnel are called to help. If this does not happen and there are injuries or fatalities, a car accident victim has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

An accident between a car and a bicycle killed the rider and led to the driver being arrested. According to the law enforcement investigation, the rider was on the shoulder of the road when the vehicle hit him from behind. The rider, 60, was hit by a 29-year-old driving a 2002 GMC Envoy. He was declared dead at the scene. The driver of the GMC fled the scene after the crash, but was later caught. He faces multiple charges including felony hit-and-run, not having a driver’s license, having a falsified inspection sticker, and improper lane usage.

When there is a car accident of any kind, there can be severe injuries that can cause a long hospital stay, missed time at work, surgical procedures, the need for long-term care and other issues. When there is a fatality, the family left behind will need to learn to get along without a loved one. They must pay for funeral costs, come to grips with an unexpected and unnecessary death and deal with the emotional, personal and financial aftermath. Often, a legal filing is the only method to garner sufficient compensation.

A man was riding his bicycle when he was hit from behind by a vehicle. He was killed and the driver fled the scene. The driver was later arrested and faces a litany of charges. As the investigation continues, the dead man’s family must make certain that it protects its interests and considers a legal filing with help from an experienced attorney.

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