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Misdiagnosis often warrants a medical malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Louisianans who are seeking treatment for an illness or injury are functioning under the expectation that the medical professionals in whom they are trusting their lives will be accurate in their diagnosis. Despite all the news stories of medical mistakes leading to a worsened condition in patients and even death, there remains a fundamental trust in doctors and medical staff to be right in their assessments. Unfortunately, mistakes will continue to happen and people suffer because of it. Those who have been harmed or lost a loved one because of a medical mistake must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

When a doctor or hospital is trusted to make a diagnosis and they get it wrong, it is not just a mistake that they can apologize for as if it was a purchase that went wrong. People can become sick or lose their lives because of it. If the medical staff did not adhere to protocol, the mistake is even worse because it did not have to happen. The key to a case and determining if there were glaring mistakes made due to negligence or incompetence is to have legal help in investigating the medical records and the aftermath to see exactly what happened and why.

There can be a misdiagnosis no matter the issue or medical condition the person is being treated for. If a patient has cancer and it is wrongly diagnosed or missed completely, he or she will not have the chance to get treatment as quickly as they otherwise would and it can make the cancer spread and lead to death. Symptoms of a heart attack or strike should be clear to an experienced medical professional and if they do not see it by observation, tests should be done. If this is missed, it could cause the patient to become ill and die when it was not necessary. Brain injuries can be difficult to spot, but it is up to the medical professional to do all the necessary tests. Since a brain injury affects the entire body and can grow progressively worse, it is imperative to catch it early.

These are just some of the medical problems that can be misdiagnosed and cause people to be harmed. If there is a suspicion that a doctor or hospital made a mistake in diagnosis, it is essential to have legal assistance to consider a lawsuit. Contacting an attorney immediately can help to move forward with a medical malpractice filing.


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