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Motorcycle-car crash claims life of off-duty policeman

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2017 | Car Accidents

There are always numerous motorcycles present on Louisiana roadways. Most drivers of conventional vehicles are keenly aware of them and maintain safety by sharing the road. However, some drivers do not pay as close attention as they should, make illegal or reckless maneuvers, or simply do not see the motorcyclists. This can lead to motorcycle-car accidents. Given the vulnerability of motorcyclists, these accidents can cause substantial damage and even death. A lawyer can help a family to deal with the aftermath.

An off-duty law enforcement officer died after crashing into a car. The accident happened at around 10:30 p.m. The rider, 52, was on his 2012 Honda motorcycle when a 2014 Honda Civic went into the biker’s lane as the driver attempted to turn into a driveway. The biker hit the passenger side of the car. He was taken to the hospital and then airlifted to another facility where he was declared dead. He had been wearing a helmet. The driver agreed to take a breath test and there was no indication of alcohol. She did receive a citation for making an improper turn. The decedent was married and had children and grandchildren. The investigation is continuing.

When there is a car crash with a motorcycle, there is a significant chance that the biker will suffer catastrophic injuries and even death. This can happen despite the motorcycle rider taking safety precautions and wearing equipment like a helmet. When there is an accident, the victim and his or her family must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal case. Since there are so many different issues that will arise such as loss of companionship, lost wages and more, a legal filing is often the only strategy to cover for what was lost in a personal, financial and emotional way.

In this accident, an off-duty law enforcement officer was riding his motorcycle when a vehicle turned into his path. He was severely injured in the accident and later died. Although the investigation is ongoing and the officer is receiving accolades for his life, that does not mean the family should wait without protecting themselves. Having legal advice is imperative to filing a lawsuit in a timely fashion and getting compensation.

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