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Man sues after wrong prescription causes stroke

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Doctors have many responsibilities, including prescribing medication to their patients. Making sure that the medication as well as the amount prescribed is correct is necessary to ensure the patient’s well-being. Failure to prescribe the correct medication can cause a patient serious injury or make their condition worse. As a result, doctors may face a medical malpractice lawsuit.

One man has filed suit against the state of Louisiana after his doctor allegedly prescribed the wrong medication. The plaintiff had been a patient of the doctor’s for almost five years and was treated for atrial fibrillation and hypertension. The doctor allegedly prescribed the wrong medication, causing the plaintiff to suffer a stroke in 2014. The man is now seeking damages for his injuries.

Doctors are expected to adhere to a certain standard of care when treating patients. Doctors who fail to adhere to this standard may be sued for medical malpractice. Proving malpractice will require the patient to show that the doctor breached the duty of care owed to the patient. This breach will typically involve an act of negligence. Medical negligence may include negligent prescriptions and performing surgery without informed consent, and surgical errors.

In addition to proving breach, the patient will have to show that the breach caused their injuries or worsened their condition. If the patient can successfully prove all the elements of a medical malpractice claim, they may recover damages for their injuries and suffering.

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