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Louisiana motorcycle accidents caused 80 deaths in 2015

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Car Accidents

Some of the most distressing Louisiana roadway accidents involve motorcycles. Due to the lack of protective casing and the small-size of the bike, accident victims on motorcycles face a greater risk of severe injury or death. Out of the near 2,000 accidents in 2015, about 80 motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries. These numbers are similar to the ones for 2014.

Louisiana law enforcement officers have shown great concern when presented with these statistics. One major issue is making sure that motorcyclists are visible on the roads. Motorcycles are smaller visual targets and can be blocked by other vehicles. A majority of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles occur at intersections, which is likely due to a lack of visibility. Many of these fatalities could have been prevented if other motorists had been able to see the motorcyclist. Other motorists also need to be made aware that there are motorcyclists in the area in the first place.

Another issue is that motorcyclists are not properly trained before hopping on their bikes. The Louisiana Motorcycle Safety Program has trained over 200,000 people in its 40-year history. However, there are many more riders that still need to be trained. Staying alert and being aware of weather conditions and road hazards can prevent motorcyclists as well as other drivers from being involved in an accident.

As with other motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If the other motorist behaved negligently behind the wheel and was at fault for the accident, he may be responsible for the motorcyclist’s damages, which may include lost wages and medical bills.

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