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Porsche faces wrongful death suit after Paul Walker’s death

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Wrongful Death

When a family loses a loved one, they may feel like everything has changed for the worse. As they try to pick up the pieces and move forward, they may be feeling financially and emotionally unstable. Fortunately, a grieving Louisiana family has the option of filing a wrongful death suit against parties liable for their loved one’s death.

The 16-year-old daughter of actor Paul Walker is now filing a wrongful death suit against Porsche. Last year, Paul Walker was traveling in a Porsche Carrera GT when his friend lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole and several trees. His friend suffered blunt head, neck and chest trauma and died as a result of his injuries. Walker suffered fractures to his collarbone, pelvis, ribs, left jawbone and spine and was burned and killed.

The suit alleges that the vehicle’s design flaws contributed to the accident and Mr. Walker’s death. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that the collision was caused by unsafe speed, as the men were traveling somewhere between 80 and 93 mph in a 45 mph zone at the time of the crash. Neither of the two men was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time and both of them were wearing seatbelts. Investigators say that there were no mechanical issues with the Porsche that caused the accident.

However, the current lawsuit states that the vehicle was only going 63 to 71 mph when it went out of control. At the point of impact, the family’s investigators believe that the car was going between 40 and 60 mph. The lawsuit also states that the doors on the vehicle had side door reinforcement bars made with weaker materials than other cars on the market.

In any case, filing a lawsuit against those responsible for the death of your loved one in a fatal accident can help bring you closure after such a difficult time in your life.

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