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Seek legal remedies for an accidental spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be suffered in a car accident, sports accident or from many other causes. Spinal cord injuries can render an individual a paraplegic, quadriplegic or disabled for life. In addition to years of medical care and ongoing health issues, spinal cord injuries may lead to exorbitant medical bills. The attorneys at the Townsley Law Firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana, have years of expertise helping accident victims attain justice and due compensation.

A spinal cord injury that may result in a successful personal injury claim includes any injuries resulting from an accident or similar event. For the purpose of personal injury law, a spinal cord injury excludes any congenital disease that may have rendered the victim paraplegic or disabled.

For instance, a spinal cord injury may be caused by a broken vertebrae or muscle tear sustained during a car accident, especially if whiplash or any other injury is suffered. The legal battle to hold the perpetrator of the accident responsible for his or her actions may quickly become mired in legal red tape and confusing jargon. A legal professional is equipped with the resources to investigate the matter fully and gather the required medical records and other evidence that is necessary to make a successful case for the victim; a successful personal injury claim will provide justice and compensation that can be crucial to the victim and his or her family. The Townsley Law Firm is made up of compassionate and dynamic lawyers who become a victim’s best friend by helping the victim during his or her struggle to survive physical and financially following a devastating accident.

Spinal cord injuries result not only in physical pain and discomfort or impairment, but also in deep psychological impairment and trauma. Spinal cord injury victims typically require surgery, medication, exhaustive recuperation and physical therapy, as well as psychological therapy and counseling. Louisiana organizations provide numerous free assistance programs for victims. However, the family of the victim also may need support in order to help their injured family member.


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