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Spinal cord injury can severely affect a person’s life

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Every day, several accidents occur in Louisiana. Traffic accidents are one of the main sources of injuries to many residents. While some people may suffer bruises and minor injuries in such accidents, others may be seriously injured.

Sometimes, an accident may lead to spinal cord injuries, which can greatly affect the person. As the spinal cord is an important connection between the brain and the body, any injury to it can also cause paralysis. Recently, bicyclists around the world honored people who were injured or killed while riding a bike. This event is called the Ride of Silence. A woman in Lafayette, Louisiana, narrated her accident details during the event there. She stated that two years back she was struck by an unlicensed driver while she was training for a triathlon. The driver hit her from the behind. Due to the force of the collision, she broke the vehicle’s windshield. She said the accident broke her neck and she was hospitalized for few months. She subsequently was forced to use a wheelchair for four months.

During her ordeal, she couldn’t feed herself or tie her shoes. She stated that a spinal cord injury like hers leads to the atrophy of nearly all muscles. However, she picked herself up from the misfortune and learned to walk again without a cane.

The road accident could have affected the woman even more severely. She may not have been able to pursue her dreams due to the serious injuries caused due to the accident. Similarly, people who are quadriplegic from high cervical injuries may not be able to live independently. The person may need round-the-clock nursing care, physical therapy, psychiatric counseling and medications. Regardless of whether the injuries are temporary or more long lasting, the injured person may file for damages from the negligent driver. The compensation may help the injured meet their basic needs and improve quality of life.

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