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Louisiana teens regarded as heroes after boating accident

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

For three teenagers from a Louisiana town, it was a weekend fun boating trip that turned a tad too adventurous. The three boys had gone to a nearby river for fishing when they heard loud screams. Two boats had collided; as a result of the impact, around 12 passengers fell into the river, causing offshore injuries. On hearing the cries for help, the boys rushed to the scene and stayed until the fisheries and fire departments arrived at the scene of the accident. What prevented the tragedy from escalating was the inherent skills of the teenagers in the face of danger. In fact, one of them had just passed a lifeguard test.

All of the teenagers knew how to operate boats and had attended boating safety courses. In fact, they had the right knowledge to keep cool in case of boating accidents. The boys also said that most of the victims of the boat collision had not lost their nerves except for one who was “freaking out.” The boys said that they will never forget the expedition, and there is a lesson for every person who goes on boating trips.

One important point in preventing boating accidents is to turn in another direction if a boat is coming one’s way. Three people were moved to a hospital after the boat collision, one of whom subsequently died. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is investigating the reasons behind the boat collision.

In this boating accident, like in any other, an injured person may have to receive extensive medical treatment, for which he may run up a huge medical bill. He may also lose wages due to having to take a leave of absence from work. Compensation is necessary to help the victim cope with the exigency. If it can be proved that a boating accident took place because of someone’s fault, then the person may have to pay compensation. If there is any dispute regarding compensation, working with legal counsel may help resolve the issue in one’s favor.

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