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Louisiana man killed in hit-and-run car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2014 | Car Accidents

For almost every resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, a car is a necessity. However, being a safe, law-abiding and responsible driver is also an important aspect that all people should remember while on the street. What many reckless drivers do not realize is that, even a momentary lapse of concentration, can easily lead to a car accident. Such car accidents may not only hurt the person whom the driver hits, but may also injure the driver. While some may be lucky to escape with minor fender-benders, others may not be that lucky.

Recently, a 46-year-old man was killed in a hit-and-run accident in a nearby Louisiana city. According to police, the victim died after being hit by a car while walking. Police suspect that the vehicle was likely a 1985 or older model with round headlights. The authorities requested information from the people of the city to help identify the reckless driver. In their statement, the police department said that the vehicle is likely to have a front right headlight and front grill damage.

Even with the enforcement of stricter laws and repeated efforts to encourage road safety, accidents, like this, continue to happen. It is estimated that every year more than 60,000 people are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana. Although some people are lucky enough to cheat death in a car accident, they still have to invest a huge amount of time and money for medical treatment and rehabilitation therapy. In addition, a victim also suffers monetarily due to lost wages at his or her workplace.

A victim of a car crash should, however, remember that in Louisiana it is possible to hold a reckless driver accountable through a personal injury claim for any kind of motor vehicle accident. With the help of an experienced attorney, the victim may be able to recoup his or her expenses toward medical expenses and lost wages. The victim may also choose to seek punitive damages from the negligent driver for the pain and suffering that he or she suffers.

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