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5 people rescued from tug boat accident in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2013 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Five people had to be rescued by emergency workers after the tugboat they were operating capsized near the Port of New Orleans. Although none of the five men sought medical attention or suffered from serious injuries, boating accidents can be very devastating.

When someone is injured on a boat that they work on, they might face resistance from their employer paying out benefits and paying for medical expenses. Although it would be considered a workplace accident, maritime workers might face more resistance than others who try to file workers’ compensation claims.

People involved in maritime accidents and fatalities are covered under federal laws. If someone is injured while out at sea, on a shipping vessel or even on a tugboat, they might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain maritime law to the victim.

Victims might be able to seek compensation under specific maritime laws. This can help the person seek payment for current and future medical expenses. If they aren’t able to continue working, they can also seek payment for their disability. This will help ensure that they are still able to pay their bills and earn an income after an accident that happened on the job. It is unfair for workers who have devoted so much time and effort to a job to be left with no compensation when they are hurt during work.

Depending on the injuries and what a person is seeking, some benefits might be considered automatic, while others might require a person to provide proof that the company was liable for the injuries.

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