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Fatal accident under investigation in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2013 | Wrongful Death

Police are investigating an accident that happened late last month. The fatal accident happened on Louisiana Highway 3132, leaving one woman dead. According to a report on the accident, a driver heading east on the highway lost control and flipped her car, going across the median where the car struck another vehicle going the opposite direction. A woman in the westbound vehicle was killed.

Police say the highway was closed for several house after the accident, and investigators are looking into the exact cause of the accident. The woman who reportedly caused the accident was taken in for questioning and subjected to toxicology screening.

It isn’t clear if the woman will be charged with a crime after the accident. However, criminal charges after a fatal accident in Louisiana often do little to help a family who has lost a loved one. While the person might be forced to serve time in jail or prison if they are convicted of charges related to a fatal accident, a family will not only have to deal with the emotional loss of their loved one, but also financial losses.

The family might be unable to afford proper funeral expenses, or even monthly expenses because of the loss of income from that family member’s death. This can result in a family needing to make extreme financial decisions including possibly selling the family’s home, or not saving for retirement or the children’s educations. A family shouldn’t have to alter their financial goals because of another person’s negligence. Speaking with a Louisiana personal injury attorney might be a wise decision.

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