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Nursing Home Neglect Results in a Woman Suffering Multiple Bed Sores

Our client was an 84 year old woman who was placed in a nursing home facility for rehabilitation after an elective surgery. She was a very active elderly lady who enjoyed going out, gardening, and spending time with her children. When she was admitted to the nursing home she was able to move about on her own with the aid of a wheeled walker. She would often leave the facility with her daughter for outings.

Louisiana woman sues Clemco after death of husband

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult part of a Louisianan's life. Losing a loved one in a situation that could have been avoided is even more painful. For one Louisiana woman, life will never be the same now that her husband passed away. The woman believes that his former employers are responsible for his tragic death.

The woman has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Clemco Industries, Corp., Mississippi Valley Silica, Co., Lamorak Insurance Co. and Chevron USA, Inc., all of which are known or formerly known by different names. The complaint alleges that her husband worked as a sandblaster and paint sprayer for Clemco from 1962 to 1972.

Louisiana motorcycle accidents caused 80 deaths in 2015

Some of the most distressing Louisiana roadway accidents involve motorcycles. Due to the lack of protective casing and the small-size of the bike, accident victims on motorcycles face a greater risk of severe injury or death. Out of the near 2,000 accidents in 2015, about 80 motorcyclists suffered fatal injuries. These numbers are similar to the ones for 2014.

Louisiana law enforcement officers have shown great concern when presented with these statistics. One major issue is making sure that motorcyclists are visible on the roads. Motorcycles are smaller visual targets and can be blocked by other vehicles. A majority of motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles occur at intersections, which is likely due to a lack of visibility. Many of these fatalities could have been prevented if other motorists had been able to see the motorcyclist. Other motorists also need to be made aware that there are motorcyclists in the area in the first place.

A Woman's Cervical Cancer is Misdiagnosed and Allowed to Metastasize due to the Malpractice of the OBGYN and Pathologist

Our client was a 35 year old woman who regularly visited her gynecologist and had a PAP smear each year for seven years. Each year her PAP smear would be sent to a pathologist to be read. In all these years of testing, nothing abnormal was ever revealed to her from her tests. She told her doctor on her last regular visit that she was having severe back pain, longer and heavier periods, night sweats, and spotting. Her gynecologist and his nurse practitioner chose to ignore these symptoms and stated that her exam was normal. Our client decided to go to a chiropractor to have her back examined. It was during this visit that the chiropractor recommended an MRI. The MRI showed a mass suspicious for malignancy. The results of this MRI were sent to our client's gynecologist. Soon thereafter, our client underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy performed by her gynecologist. Our client's gynecologist referred her to a general surgeon for further review. The general surgeon determined that she needed to be seen by an oncologist.

Medical malpractice claims in Lake Charles

Doctors and other medical care professionals spend every working day with people's lives in their hands. Whether it's a routine procedure or something more complicated, there is always some risk involved with medical treatment. That risk is multiplied when the doctor responsible for the treatment behaves negligently. If a medical care professional deviates from the accepted standard of care and you suffer an injury because of it, you may have a successful medical malpractice case. Medical malpractice can involve failure to diagnose, errors in surgery, nursing home negligence and other forms of medical negligence.

Potential medical malpractice claims must be investigated by a medical review panel. If you bring your potential medical malpractice claim to the Townsley Law Firm, staff attorneys will help you explain your case to the panel of three physicians who practice in an area of medicine related to your claim.

A Man Develops Stage IV Decubitus Ulcers due to Nursing Staff's Failure to Properly Turn and Reposition Him and Follow Nursing Wound Care Protocols

Our client was a 63 year old man who presented to the emergency room with complaints of shortness a breath. Shortly after his arrival a CT scan was performed, and it was discovered that our client was suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. A cardio thoracic surgeon performed an operation to repair the aneurysm. After the surgery, our client was transferred to the intensive care unit. He was assessed as being at high risk for the development of pressure ulcers because of his large size, NPO status, and because he was chemically sedated on a ventilator. Our client was unable to move independently, request assistance to move, reposition himself, or communicate pain from unrelieved pressure. He was totally reliant on nursing staff to provide basic nursing care, including: turning and providing pressure relief repositioning, visually inspecting his skin, assessing red areas for blanching at frequent intervals, assessing his nutritional status, anticipating his needs, and reporting abnormal findings to his physician. The nursing staff, however, neglected our client's needs and did not follow proper nursing protocol for his care and treatment.

Louisiana drunk driving arrests down, fatalities up

It is no secret that law enforcement agencies have been cracking down on drunk driving nationwide in hopes of reducing the number of alcohol-related fatalities on the roadways. The state of Louisiana is spending about $9 million in federal grant money each year on this type of enforcement. Oddly enough, however, the number of impaired driving arrests in Louisiana has decreased from 2010 to 2014 despite an increase in drunk driving fatalities during that time frame.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 34 percent of the 737 accident fatalities in Louisiana were alcohol-related. This is an increase from the 31 percent of the 721 fatalities in 2010.

A Total Right Knee Replacement Results in the Amputation of a Woman's Leg Because of a Hospital Staff's Failure to Detect Signs of an Arterial Occlusion and Popliteal Vein Obstruction

Our client was a 55 year old female who underwent an elective total knee replacement. The surgery was performed and our client was placed in the recovery room. Immediately after surgery, the hospital staff in the recover room noted that our client's foot was cold, red, painful, paralyzed, and pulseless, with slow capillary refill. She was then returned to her regular patient room where she was seen by the doctor who noted that she had foot drop, which was not present before her surgery. These early signs of limb threatening ischemia were misdiagnosed and thought to be temporary.

New vehicle features help combat distracted driving among teens

According to the Centers for Disease Control, car accidents are responsible for the deaths of six teens every day. While many teens deny texting and driving, statistics show that 25 percent of them responded to a text message one or more times every time they get behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there are a variety of new technologies specifically for teens that may help prevent some Louisiana car accidents caused by texting while driving. Car companies, including Hyundai and Chevy, have made an effort to implement these new features into their latest models. The "Teen Driver" system in the new Chevy Malibu allows parents to program their child's key so that the car will know when the teen is driving. The program will prevent the radio from turning on unless seatbelts are fastened and allow parents to set a maximum volume level. Parents may set a speed limit for their teen and the teen will be warned if the limit is exceeded. Parents can look at a report card of their child's driving to see how safe they were. Ford and Hyundai have also come up with similar systems to help parents better protect their children from roadway dangers.

A Hospital's Failure to Properly Train a Psychiatric Tech and Maintain Patient Confidentiality Results in the Rape of a Juvenile Patient

Our client, a 14 year old female, was taken to the Emergency Room as a runaway by city police officials. She was found to be combative, hostile, and refused to answer police questioning. Our client was admitted to the adolescent psychiatric unit under the care of a psychiatrist for treatment of severe and recurring depression and suicidal ideas. This young lady was noted to be well known to the hospital staff, as she had been treated by the hospital on multiple other occasions.The hospital staff also had knowledge of her history of running away from her father's home, and that she was extremely depressed and suicidal.