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Misdiagnosis common source of medical malpractice suits

People who suffer from illness or injury in Louisiana have to place their trust in doctors, nurses and other medical professionals every day. However, even the most experienced medical professional can make a mistake that leads to further harm of the patient. If this happens, the patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the parties responsible for the mistake.

Many medical malpractice suits stem from misdiagnoses or failures to diagnose. In order for their suit to be successful, the patient must prove that the misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose caused injury or disease progression that would not have occurred with a proper and timely diagnosis.

Spinal cord injuries can require long-term treatment and rehab

Victims of Louisiana car accidents and pedestrian accidents often face serious, life-changing injuries. Some of the most severe injuries involve the spinal cord. Once the spinal cord is damaged, there is no way to reverse the damage. As a result, many people end up paralyzed and have to work to regain at least some of their function and mobility.

Many forms of treatment and rehabilitation are available for those suffering from a spinal cord injury. Treatment often starts at the scene of the accident. Emergency professionals will try to immobilize the spine using a rigid neck collar and carrying board to get the victim to the hospital. Once there, the hospital will make sure that the person is still able to breathe, while preventing further damage by immobilizing the neck.

Louisiana men file suit against driver for negligence

The difficulties suffered by accident victims can feel insurmountable. Between the severe physical injuries and the seemingly endless medical bills, those who have been involved in an accident can have a great deal to worry about. One of their options is to file a lawsuit against anyone who played a role in the accident.

Two men from Louisiana are filing suit against another motorist and his company after a car accident on Interstate 10. The men were traveling on the highway where they were stopped due to excessive traffic. The motorist named in the suit rear-ended another stopped vehicle, which set off a chain-reaction that caused the vehicle behind the men to crash into them. The men claim physical and mental pain and suffering and lost wages, as well as medical expenses and property damage.

Drowsy young drivers use cell phones, despite car accident risks

According to an April 2016 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, about 70 percent of drivers reported talking on the phone while driving. Earlier this year, we posted about a new bill in Louisiana that would increase fines for texting while driving. Recent statistics show why this new bill is so necessary. A new study by Rutgers University researchers shows that cell phone use behind the wheel is still prevalent among young drivers nationwide. Distracted driving car accidents occur regularly nowadays, injuring and killing a number of Louisiana motorists.

The Rutgers study involved over 110 undergraduate drivers between the ages of 18 and 25. One in six of the students admitted to using their phones while they were drowsy. This is one of the few studies that focused on the use of cell phones by sleep deprived drivers.

Laws help protect Louisiana maritime workers injured on-the-job

Every day, hundreds of maritime workers in Lake Charles head to work, putting them at risk for injury. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect these workers and their families.

The Jones Act was implemented to help provide injury compensation to seamen who were seriously injured while working. In order to file a successful lawsuit based on the Jones Act, the worker must prove that his employer or vessel operator was negligent in allowing an unsafe vessel to hit the water and that the worker suffered an injury because of this negligence.

New bill increases texting and driving penalties in Louisiana

Distracted driving is consistently one of the most talked about traffic safety issues all across the country. Texting and driving is a major cause for concern with the increased use of cell phones. According to the National Safety Council, texting and driving is responsible for 1.6 million motor vehicle accidents each year. Young people, particularly teens, are especially at risk. Statistics show that eleven teens are killed in texting and driving accidents every day.

A bill was recently approved by the Louisiana state House and Senate with the goal of putting an end to texting and driving accidents. The bill will increase fines for texting and driving statewide. Currently drivers could be fined up to $175, but with the new bill, that amount will increase to $500 for the first offense and up to $1,000 for a second offense. Teen drivers under the age of 18 face additional consequences. First time offenders could face a license suspension of up to 60 days. State officials believe that the new bill will reduce the number of devastating accidents on the Louisiana roadways

Spinal cord injuries can lead to a lifetime of challenges

When a traumatic event occurs, whether it is an industrial accident or a slip-and-fall, injuries are a major concern for everyone involved. People who suffer spinal cord injuries may become paraplegic or quadriplegic as a result of their injuries. At the moment, there is no cure for a damaged spinal cord, and these injuries may lead to health complications in the future.

Because of these complications, life can be extremely difficult for those who have suffered injuries to their spinal cords. The medical treatment and rehabilitation required after this type of injury can be expensive and physically and emotionally draining. Victims and their loved ones will have to get used to a new way of life. Paraplegic or quadriplegic people may require constant care or assisted breathing. While they may go on to live full lives, they will often have to adapt to their injuries and learn to live within their new limitations.

Tractor driver faces wrongful death suit after fatal accident

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you know how scary and traumatizing it can be. However, after everything settles down, you feel lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, countless people lose their lives every day at the hands of negligent drivers and trucking companies. For the families of those victims, life will never be the same.

The two legal guardians of five minor children are filing a lawsuit on their behalf. The suit asserts negligence and wrongful death against a tractor driver, trucking business and two insurance companies. The suit is based on a Louisiana accident that occurred when a woman was traveling in a vehicle with one of the children. A man was operating a tractor in a private driveway and attempted to re-enter the roadway. In the process, he cut off the woman's vehicle and caused a collision that led to her death.

Louisiana truck accident results in lawsuit

Some of the most dangerous car accidents involve large trucks. One Louisiana man is filing suit against multiple parties after a motor vehicle accident on Interstate 59.

The man alleges that he was driving his car when the driver of a tractor-trailer rear-ended him, causing him to be thrown around the car. The man claims that he suffered numerous physical, mental and emotional injuries, and that they continue to plague him.

Study finds medical errors a major cause of U.S. deaths

Every time we put our lives in the hands of a doctor or other medical professional, there is a chance that we won’t get the treatment we deserve. Doctors have a responsibility to do everything they can to make sure their patients get better, but, unfortunately, the surgery errors they oftentimes make result in a number of patient deaths.

A new study by The BMJ medical journal shows that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in America. In 2013, more than 250,000 patients died due to these errors. Only heart disease and cancer, beat out medical errors, coming in first and second respectively on the list.