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Customer sues Gretna store for injury from accident

Accident victims often end up suffering more than just the physical pain of their injuries. Of these injuries, a spinal cord injury is one of the most unfortunate, because it can cause temporary or even permanent disability and partial or complete paralysis to the victim even if the victim is fortunate enough to survive.

According to a suit filed by a man in district court in March, a Home Depot store in Gretna is responsible for injuries he sustained when he allegedly tripped on and fell over a wooden sign while shopping at the store. The man claims the sign was in the middle of a walkway.

Three-car accident on U.S. 90 kills 1 driver and injures another

Every driver on highways across the country, including those in Louisiana, is required by law to be alert and attentive and to obey all traffic laws and regulations when behind the wheel. Failure to do so can spell disaster for both the driver and other people on the road.

A recent example is a crash on U.S. 90 northwest of New Iberia that killed one Jeanerette man and injured two New Iberia residents, according to the Louisiana State Police. Troopers say a 21-year-old New Iberia woman was traveling eastward on U.S. Highway 90 near Louisiana Highway 88 shortly after 1 p.m. when she ran off the road and through the median, and then began driving the wrong direction in the westbound lane. She soon struck a 2008 Honda and a 2010 Toyota.

Distracted driver allegedly hits motorcyclists, kills one

Across the United States, including Louisiana, lives are lost every year in automobile accidents. Some of the worst are between passenger vehicles and motorcycles, because the latter provide riders with relatively little protection. The chances of these accidents occurring are compounded when automobile drivers are not paying attention to the road.

One motorcyclist from Greensburg recently lost his life on Louisiana Highway 16 in St. Helena Parish when a car driven by a 19-year-old woman from Pine crossed over the center line and struck two motorcyclists head-on. Louisiana State Police say the Greensburg man, 29, was thrown from his motorcycle and instantly killed. The second cyclist, a 51-year-old man from Walker, survived with minor injuries and was taken to a Baton Rouge hospital. Both men were wearing helmets. An LSP trooper believes the car driver was distracted and entered the wrong lane seconds before the accident.

Will ruling make Louisiana rethink medical malpractice cap?

Residents of Lake Charles and other parts of Louisiana who are involved in a lawsuit against a doctor or hospital may be happy to learn of a recent landmark judgment removing the limit on how much each plaintiff can be awarded in a lawsuit in the event of a death resulting from a medical error. The decision may inspire other states to change their caps.

The Supreme Court in a nearby state recently eliminated a law capping the compensation awarded for "pain and suffering" in a death caused by medical malpractice. Physicians in Florida complained that their insurance rates were going up because of the rising malpractice payouts. A 2003 law limited the payout for noneconomic damages to $500,000 for factors such as emotional stress caused by medical negligence. The cap was set at $1 million for all defendants in one lawsuit.

Pedestrian killed in early morning truck accident in Harvey

In any accident between a motor vehicle and a pedestrian, the latter frequently loses. Many pedestrians are injured or killed in Louisiana each year, sometimes because they fail to observe traffic signals or try to walk in areas without crosswalks. Furthermore, they sometimes occur because motorists are not paying attention and do not see them until it is too late.

In a recent accident in the New Orleans metropolitan area, a 56-year-old female pedestrian was recently hit and killed in an early morning accident involving a pickup truck.

Neuron research brings hope for spinal cord injury repair

A spinal cord injury can totally change a person's life anywhere, including in Louisiana. Victims of accidents can become wheelchair-bound or suffer paralysis as a result of their injuries. Sometimes they are unable to meet their own physical needs and must undergo years of costly medical procedures and rehabilitation therapy.

Currently, there are no cures for spinal cord injuries, but scientists at the University of Texas's Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas may be on the track of one possible solution. In a recent experiment, they created new neuron cells in the brains and spinal cords of both young and old mice. Most paralysis following a spinal cord injury is caused by irreversible loss of neurons. Theoretically, new neurons could repair at least some spinal damage.

Louisiana man killed in hit-and-run car accident

For almost every resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, a car is a necessity. However, being a safe, law-abiding and responsible driver is also an important aspect that all people should remember while on the street. What many reckless drivers do not realize is that, even a momentary lapse of concentration, can easily lead to a car accident. Such car accidents may not only hurt the person whom the driver hits, but may also injure the driver. While some may be lucky to escape with minor fender-benders, others may not be that lucky.

Recently, a 46-year-old man was killed in a hit-and-run accident in a nearby Louisiana city. According to police, the victim died after being hit by a car while walking. Police suspect that the vehicle was likely a 1985 or older model with round headlights. The authorities requested information from the people of the city to help identify the reckless driver. In their statement, the police department said that the vehicle is likely to have a front right headlight and front grill damage.

Medical negligence exposes patients to dangerous brain disease

In Louisiana patients could sometimes endure risks when it comes to medical treatment and procedures. Medical malpractice is a wrongful act or omission by a medical practitioner below standard of practice. This can result in the patient's injury or death. Medical malpractice can be fatal surgical errors, surgical equipment left inside a patient, wrong-site surgery, organ damage and burn injury, which often results in a lawsuit. Recently, in North Carolina, 18 neurosurgery patients were possibly exposed to a terminal brain disorder because the instruments used were not properly sterilized.

Novant Health Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem was treating a patient with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. The instruments, although sterilized, were not put through "extra measures" as safeguards after surgery. Doctors from Novant have apologized and stated that the risk is very low. However, they admit that extra precautions should have been taken.

St. Mary's Medical Center faces lawsuit after wrongful death

Medical negligence involves a wrongful act or omission by a health care provider where the treatment administered is below the standard of practice and results in the injury or death of the patient. In many cases, the doctor is at fault. These types of errors can occur anywhere in the United States, including in Louisiana.

Misdiagnosis of a fatal condition, overdose, a worsened medical condition and anesthesia error are all instances of medical mistakes. St. Mary's Medical Center, a health care provider, is now facing a wrongful death lawsuit involving a child.

Man sues doctor for medical malpractice after heart attack

Americans are getting older. As more baby boomers are reaching retirement age, more are suffering from medical problems that need treatment by competent Louisiana doctors and nurses. People rely on these medical professionals to assess and treat any underlying medical conditions before a medical disaster occurs. Routine treatment and care can help to reduce the chances of a significant medical problem occurring.

However, not every doctor fulfills that doctor's duty to carefully take care of patients. Therefore, people suffer serious injuries. Recently, a Louisiana man and his wife have brought a medical malpractice suit against the man's doctor.