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Focus is on restoring neuron function after spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury is one of the most catastrophic injuries an individual in Louisiana can suffer. Whether it is due to a car accident or a worsening medical condition, quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries can affect a person for their entire life. Restoring the function of damaged cells after a spinal cord injury completely depends on forming new connections between the surviving nerve cells.

Medical science has already made advancements in reconnecting nerves through delicate surgeries, but researchers are working hard to find ways that allow these cells to restore and function independently on a cellular level without surgery.

Provisions for good car accident insurance coverage in Louisiana

No matter how skillful a driver may be or how carefully insurance coverage for a motor vehicle is chosen, consequences from motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana are inevitable. Distracted and drunk drivers on the road continue to cause accidents due to negligence. There is a possibility that these distracted drivers are uninsured or underinsured. In such cases, one way car accident victims may be compensated for medical expenses if they carry liability coverage.

Many drivers include provisions in their policies to address uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Under this coverage, if a drunk or distracted driver hits a victim's car, compensation may be provided to the insured and other occupants in the vehicle who have suffered any type of bodily injury.

How the Death on the High Seas Act can affect Louisianans

Louisiana laborers who toil at sea have higher rates of injury and death than most workers. Fishermen, oil-rig workers and dockworkers can be injured or killed in boat collisions or on oil platforms. In many cases, they or their families have trouble obtaining fair compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment, lost income and loss of companionship. These victims, however, may be able to find legal help through the federal Death on the High Seas Act of 1920.

Any offshore worker who is injured beyond three nautical miles from the U.S. coastline has the right to file a lawsuit under the act against the person or vessel responsible, if negligence or unseaworthiness is a factor. A court will, however, consider any contributory negligence by the worker when establishing overall negligence and setting the amount of compensation.

Understanding the gravity of medical malpractice

Residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana, know that there are many reasons why a person may need to see a doctor to seek treatment. Many times the complaint requires medication for a fixed number of days, after which the patient regains full health. Sometimes, a more intensive treatment may be required. Either way, the attending doctor needs to bank on their experience and make a call on what sort of therapy is appropriate given the circumstances.

In coming to such a decision, there is the potential for the doctor to ignore, intentionally or otherwise, some aspects of the patient's case because the cure does not work as expected, but rather ends up aggravating the problem or causing other complications. The doctor's errors can even be fatal. From the patient's view, this is very much a case of professional misconduct, and there are laws to penalize doctors for such medical malpractice by suspending their license to practice medicine.

Historic ruling on medical malpractice onboard cruise ships

When a Louisiana resident is ill, he or she and the family rely on doctors to provide the best possible medical care. Therefore, when a doctor or medical facility's negligence leads to injury, further illness, or even death, the patient or the patient's family members may seek legal recourse via a medical negligence lawsuit.

Due to a long-standing precedent in medical malpractice laws, until very recently, an act of medical negligence onboard a cruise ship often went scot-free. This precedent was invoked by cruise ships in all medical malpractice lawsuits. The ruling said that passengers cannot expect the same standard of medical facilities onboard a cruise ship and that doctors and other medical staff on the cruise liners were independent contractors over whom the cruise company had no direct control.

Adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury in Louisiana

Louisiana residents probably know that a complete recovery from a spinal cord injury usually requires long-term medical care. Hospitals typically provide the initial treatment, but the majority of the rehabilitation and therapy work takes place at home or in a long-term care facility. As a result, spinal cord injury patients usually rely on family members and professional caregivers. But, a patient also has to put in efforts to speed up the recovery process and adjust to life's new circumstances.

A patient must remember that life after a spinal cord injury comes with a unique set of challenges. Some of the most mundane tasks can become difficult. While in a hospital, a patient is constantly monitored by doctors and nurses. It may be overwhelming to leave the hospital and return home, but a victim needs to prepare a routine to help recover as soon as possible.

Seeking legal remedies after car accidents often requires help

A car accident can instantly change a victim's life. Injuries can lead to considerable pain and suffering, substantial medical bills and lost wages. When someone is killed, family members are left with grief and sorrow as well as financial losses. Fortunately, like every other state, Louisiana offers victims legal ways to seek monetary compensation for their losses. Even so, legal action after an accident can be difficult.

Injured car accident victims first must deal with medical attention and then police agencies to obtain crash reports. After that, they must contact insurance companies to file claims. Surviving family members must first deal with the disposition of their loved one's remains and then deal with police and insurance companies. After these steps are completed, a victim or family members may need to get more information in order to understand the options available to them.

Boating accidents in the United States

Many people in Louisiana are recreational boating enthusiasts. Recreational boating, though fun for most, may also be dangerous if the proper safety measures are not taken. The perils of the sea must never be ignored by anyone who wishes to go out on a boating trip. Local authorities issue safety warnings and awareness programs every year to make the public aware of the requisite boating safety measures.

Recreational boating accidents may include injuries to the occupants of the boat as well as damage to the vessel itself. While on a boating trip, a passenger may disappear or drown at sea, suffer offshore injuries, damage the boat itself or, in some cases, the vessel itself may disappear. Five hundred and sixty fatal boating accidents were recorded in 2013; this was a decrease from previous years. Statistics also indicated that the number of boating accidents itself along with boating-related injuries also declined.

Multi-car accident claims the life of a Louisiana resident

Tragically, car accidents are frequent occurrences in Louisiana, resulting in severe injuries as well as fatalities in many cases. These car crashes may occur in multiple car pileups or rollover accidents which often multiply the injuries and number of victims. Louisiana authorities have, time and again, imposed and strictly enforced traffic rules throughout the state.

A recent four-vehicle accident claimed the life of one of the drivers near Lafayette, Louisiana. One of the cars struck another, triggering a rollover accident. The ensuing multiple car accident resulted in injuries to numerous car occupants. The preliminary accident investigation found that all car occupants were wearing seatbelts, which may have lessened the degree of injury for the survivors. Toxicology samples were collected and sent for further investigation to assess if alcohol or drugs were involved.

Anesthesia errors: a common source of wrongful death suits

The actions that give rise to medical malpractice complaints may lead to serious injuries as well as fatalities. The negligent administration of anesthesia before and during a medical procedure is one reason why there are a large number of wrongful death suits against hospitals and other medical institutions, including those in Louisiana.

A lot of research has been conducted by various medical organizations in order to better understand the reason behind fatal anesthesia errors. This is because the medical community believes that having a better understanding of these hazards can be the key to solving the problem.