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Jones Act basis for employee's negligence claim

Cases of negligence on the part of an employer are common in Louisiana, and if employer negligence is proven, Louisiana courts frequently grant compensation to the wronged, injured parties.

In a recent case of alleged negligence, an employee has brought suit against a marine transportation company for serious injuries he received while on the job. He was injured while working on a ship belonging to the company.

Louisiana cyclist sues doctors for medical malpractice

Spinal cord injury cases can leave a victim with permanent disability, paralysis or worse. In Louisiana, such cases are rare, but are usually addressed with a sense of priority by medical practitioners given the gravity of such an injury.

In a recent case, an accident victim sustained a severe spinal cord injury at his own hands, after spending several hours in a ditch, into which he had fallen while riding his bicycle home in an alleged drunken state. The man, who stated that he had consumed a few alcoholic drinks at a local pub before climbing onto his bicycle, was found by a neighbor and taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment, according to reports.

Louisiana woman claims compensation for medical malpractice

A lawsuit was filed by a patient against the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana State University's medical center for a recent case of alleged medical malpractice. The patient filing the lawsuit suffered a stroke, while having a surgical procedure and is claiming that the staff of the medical center was negligent in providing her adequate and pertinent care. The lawsuit was filed via the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors at the civil district court.

The patient has claimed that the team of surgeons performing the operation was negligent in taking proper action and measures during the surgery. She has also claimed that the plan made by the medical team prior to the surgery was inadequate. The patient who is the plaintiff contended that the stroke could have been avoided, had medical following standard guidelines been applied to her symptoms, according to the lawsuit.

Cause of most fatal boating accidents in Louisiana is alcohol use

Penalties for drunk driving a boat are similar to those involving a car or truck. According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Law Enforcement Division, every weekend many boaters are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officials arrest these intoxicated boaters to try to prevent offshore injuries.

A sergeant with LDWF stated that boating while drunk puts the life of the boat operator and all who come in contact with him or her at risk for injury. The officer stated that intoxication slows down a person's motor skills, balance and judgment. Alcohol is reported to be the leading contributing factor in recreational boating accidents. If this is the case, fatal boating accidents can be easily prevented.

Car strikes Louisiana fishing group, kills two children

Many residents of Louisiana enjoy activities related to water. While some like adventure sports like jetskiing or waterskiing, others prefer fishing. Due to its relaxing nature, relative safety, and the thrill of the catch, many parents encourage their children to fish. To ensure safety of children, parents prefer they are accompanied by an adult. But even when every precaution is taken, sometimes tragedies still occur.

The town of Prairieville is in mourning after two children were killed and three other people injured during a fishing trip when a car left the road and rolled down an embankment, striking the fishing group. The father required surgery on his leg, but is expected to recover. He and his friend, also involved in the accident, remain in the hospital.

Louisiana hospital allegedly gave wrong medication to patient

A person admitted to a Louisiana hospital in 2012 for treatment of encephalitis related to the West Nile virus has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital. According to the patient, shortly after he was admitted to the hospital, doctors administered antibiotics, intubated and sedated him. At the time, the staff assured the patient that he would be removed from the ventilator and extubated gradually.

During the treatment, the patient was administered insulin, along with another medication that increases blood flow to the lungs. However, during a CT scan, a nurse observed that the patient was not receiving the medication meant to increase the blood flow to the lungs and instead had been given a medication that had not been prescribed to him. Instead, he was receiving an anti-seizure relaxant.

Parents file wrongful death case against Louisiana hospital

Louisiana residents may have heard of the crib deaths at Children's Hospital in New Orleans and the subsequent wrongful death lawsuits filed against the hospital. Recently, the family of another newborn baby commenced a wrongful death suit against the hospital and the agency that washed the linens. The baby died due to mucormycosis, which researchers believe is spread through towels, sheets, and other linens.

The 18-day-old baby died in the hospital and doctors believe that she died due to a fungal infection which affected her brain. In their wrongful death lawsuit the parents allege that, they requested an autopsy after the baby died in August 2008. Hospital authorities allegedly produced a 12-page document in which they attributed the cause of death to mucormycosis. They also claimed that the source of the fungal infection could not have been the hospital where she was delivered or the General Hospital, where she was taken for treatment, because the environments in both hospitals were controlled. They claimed that she must have contracted the infection in her home.

Driver flees after fatal motor vehicle accident in Louisiana

More than 60,000 Louisiana residents are injured in auto accidents each year, some succumbing to their injuries. Many state laws are enforced to reduce motor vehicle accidents. It is illegal to drive drunk or text while driving. Also, driver concentration is imperative because even a minor distraction can cause major devastation to lives and property. According to sources, a single division of the Louisiana State Police has recorded and investigated 12 fatal accidents so far this year.

A most recent accident was a fatal hit-and-run on a local interstate highway. According to sources, a car that was traveling west hit a 32-year-old pedestrian and left the scene without stopping. The pedestrian suffered fatal injuries due to the accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle involved in the accident, its driver and passenger were located on the Grambling State University's campus. The driver and a passenger were questioned and stated they did not suffer from any injuries from the crash.

Unlicensed driver allegedly caused fatal accident in Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana may have heard about the fatal accident that occurred recently on airline Highway in Baton Rouge. A 37-year-old woman was driving her car when she was hit by an 18-wheeler. She died at the scene, following the accident.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, they received an anonymous community tip that gave them details of the accident. The tip stated that another car, which was traveling in the same direction as the 37-year-old woman's vehicle, moved into her lane. The woman noticed the car coming toward her. To avoid a collision, she swerved and moved across the median. Witnesses stated that the driver of the car tried to change lanes, but did not seem to notice the woman's vehicle. The woman's car was struck on the passenger's side by the 18-wheeler after her car moved into oncoming traffic. The 24-year-old car driver allegedly refused to stop at the scene after the accident. He was arrested and charged with being unlicensed, driving on roads laned for traffic and felony hit and run. He was booked in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Spinal cord injury can severely affect a person's life

Every day, several accidents occur in Louisiana. Traffic accidents are one of the main sources of injuries to many residents. While some people may suffer bruises and minor injuries in such accidents, others may be seriously injured.

Sometimes, an accident may lead to spinal cord injuries, which can greatly affect the person. As the spinal cord is an important connection between the brain and the body, any injury to it can also cause paralysis. Recently, bicyclists around the world honored people who were injured or killed while riding a bike. This event is called the Ride of Silence. A woman in Lafayette, Louisiana, narrated her accident details during the event there. She stated that two years back she was struck by an unlicensed driver while she was training for a triathlon. The driver hit her from the behind. Due to the force of the collision, she broke the vehicle's windshield. She said the accident broke her neck and she was hospitalized for few months. She subsequently was forced to use a wheelchair for four months.