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Seek legal remedies for an accidental spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can be suffered in a car accident, sports accident or from many other causes. Spinal cord injuries can render an individual a paraplegic, quadriplegic or disabled for life. In addition to years of medical care and ongoing health issues, spinal cord injuries may lead to exorbitant medical bills. The attorneys at the Townsley Law Firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana, have years of expertise helping accident victims attain justice and due compensation.

A spinal cord injury that may result in a successful personal injury claim includes any injuries resulting from an accident or similar event. For the purpose of personal injury law, a spinal cord injury excludes any congenital disease that may have rendered the victim paraplegic or disabled.

Boating accident claims need specialized legal expertise

Although many have dreamed of a cruising the sea while on vacation or just for fun, not many individuals may think of the sea as being similar to the roads on which they drive on every day. The idea of a voyage sounds more exciting than a long drive; equally, a boating accident may appear to be more horrific than one involving motor vehicles. However, offshore injuries are as likely to be more egregious than those suffered on land and also can be fatal.

A boating accident that occurs as a result of the negligence of another boat owner allows victims or their relatives to file a lawsuit against the errant operator. In the event of an offshore death, the Death on the High Seas Act ensures a legal avenue through which compensation can be claimed, if the accident occurred more than three miles from the nearest coast on the United States mainland.

Louisiana fertility clinic ends up in court over lost eggs

The loss of a loved one is always difficult to cope with, especially when it happens unexpectedly. If a death occurs due to the negligence of another person, the victim's relatives may feel wronged by that person, which is the legal premise for the concept of wrongful death, as Lake Charles, Louisiana, residents may know. While in some instances, no direct cause of death may be apparent, certain actions by the parties involved may have prevented the loss from happening.

Such is the case of the recent wrongful death filing by a couple residing in Gretna, Louisiana, against a local fertility clinic, which allegedly failed to maintain accurate and careful records. As a result, the clinic lost the viable embryos that the couple had earlier deposited with it. Apart from inadequate monitoring and failure to ensure the accuracy of its records, the clinic also has been accused of failing to document and keep the couple updated on the condition of the embryos, miscommunicating facts and failing to carry out procedures as stipulated.

Distracted driving and car accidents in Louisiana

In Louisiana, a distracted driver can cost lives and property. There may be no other action that is as dangerous as being behind the wheel and focusing on other things instead of the road ahead. A distracted driver is not only a threat to other vehicles or pedestrians on the road and adjacent property, but also to the driver's own life as well.

It is important for every driver to understand that the focus must not be diverted away from the primary task of driving the vehicle. Every second a driver spends without eyes directly on the road could threaten every passenger, bystander and other vehicle on the road, not to mention the driver's own safety.

Medical malpractice: asking for compensation in Louisiana

As medical technologies have rapidly improved over the decades around the world, especially in Louisiana and throughout the United States, people have become more dependent on higher levels of care that can improve their quality of life. With widespread use of the health-care industry, medical malpractice has also increased throughout the country, including in Louisiana. Given that the price for medical malpractice is high for victims and their families, the Louisiana state legislature has made medical care one area with clear guidelines on what constitutes malpractice and what compensation is possible for anyone who becomes a victim of malpractice.

Malpractice is thus defined as any violation of the terms of a contract or any unintended harm done to a party receiving professional healthcare services. Every physician and healthcare professional has a duty to care for his or her patients. A physician must meet the standard of care at all times. When he or she does not, even if unintentionally, and a patient receiving the healthcare services is injured, medical malpractice has occurred. To qualify as medical malpractice, the health professional's breach of the duty of care must be the direct cause of the injury or harm suffered by the patient.

Spinal cord injury patient partially recovers in Louisiana

Spinal cord injuries in Louisiana are not uncommon. In a recent case of treatment of spinal injury, a man of foreign origin, who was paralyzed from chest down for the past four years, has regained partial function of the paralyzed parts following a surgery. The man was attacked and stabbed in the back 4 years ago. The paralysis resulted from the injury and the wounds, leaving him with a gap of eight millimeters in his spinal cord.

Spinal cord injury doctors state that it is difficult to grow back severed spinal nerves, especially when tissue on either side of the wound forms scars. However, the doctor treating the man found a way to use olfactory ensheathing cells, a type of nasal cells, to help nerves grow back.

How can a person file a medical malpractice claim in Louisiana?

Medical malpractice claims in Louisiana must be filed following a specific procedure. When a request for review of a medical malpractice claim is filed, it needs to be stamped and certified by the state's Division of Administration. The date of filing is generally accepted as the date of receipt of the request or the date of mailing, in the event that it is sent by registered or certified mail.

When the request is filed and received, the Division of Administration sends a copy of the request to the Patient's Compensation Fund. Although there is no specific form available, there are a few things that a medical malpractice complaint must contain.

Louisiana police and LSU develop tool for reporting car crashes

Louisiana witnesses its fair share of car accidents every year. With a growing number of vehicles on the street, the probability of an auto accident also increases. As such, law enforcement agencies and personnel are always on the lookout to develop better methods of traffic control along with enhanced safety measures to reduce car accidents.

Among recent innovations developed to aid the Louisiana police force, the LACRASH software system developed by the Louisiana State University's Highway Safety Research Group is worthy of note. This new system enables officers to bypass the crash report paper form by reproducing an electronic version which they can fill in from a laptop stored in their patrol car or from a desktop at their office.

Unwarranted spinal cord injuries need special care

Louisiana residents know that a healthy spinal cord is vital to a functioning human body. A spinal cord injury can render a person permanently or temporarily disabled. Some of the circumstances that lead to spinal cord injuries are vehicular accidents, workplace injuries and some types of recreational activities. These injuries can have life-altering effects on an individual and therefore, it is necessary that victims of spinal cord injuries seek the best possible medical care to recover from these injuries and resume a normal life as soon as possible.

Personal injury law only addresses spinal cord injuries sustained due to an accident caused by another person or entity. It does not consider disability from congenital disease. The Townsley Law Firm has a plethora of experts who can help a victim, or his or her family, file a spinal cord injury lawsuit. Vigilant and diligent research backed by expert lawyering has provided the firm with a solid reputation for being able to deliver due justice to spinal cord victims.

Two women killed in three-vehicle crash on Louisiana highway

A traumatic fatal car accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, or anywhere, can be horrific for families who suffer the loss of a loved one. Car accidents claim hundreds of lives and injure many people every year. Therefore, authorities responsible for regulating traffic rules try their best to keep roads accident-free. However, despite these best efforts, a bit of inattention by a negligent driver can lead to the loss of precious lives.

A recent fatal accident on a Louisiana highway claimed the lives of two women, aged 67 and 68 years, and injured two others after a driver, who was driving behind the two women's vehicle, failed to stop his car and eventually hit the women's car. Police said that a person driving a pick-up truck failed to apply brakes after noticing the sedan ahead was slowing down in order to make a left turn. The truck collided with the rear of the car, which then crossed the centerline and collided with a third car, another pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction.