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Driver arrested following deadly crash in Iowa, Louisiana

According to a recent report, on Thursday, February 9, police were called to the scene of an accident involving two pedestrians. The driver allegedly crossed the center line on I-10 and struck the two men. When Calcasieu Parish officers arrived on I-10 Mobile Village Road in Iowa, Louisiana, they airlifted a 52-year-old man to Lafayette. He was subsequently treated and released. However, the other man, 21, was taken to a local area hospital where he subsequently died from his injuries.

Following the incident, toxicology tests were conducted and a warrant was issued for the driver of the vehicle. He was found at his home, arrested and booked at Calcasieu Correctional Center. He is facing multiple charges, including vehicular negligent injury, careless operation of a vehicle, no insurance, failure to register a vehicle and vehicular homicide.

Protecting your loved one in a nursing home

One of the most difficult decisions in life is often to move an elderly or sick loved one from their home into a nursing home. Unfortunately, as we all know, when we age our abilities diminish and there often becomes a stage in life when a person is no longer independent and becomes unable to live independently. Oftentimes there are family members and friends who can check in, run errands and do the tasks necessary to keep the person happy and healthy. Eventually, however, there may come a time that the person needs more than the care family or friends are able to provide, and the person is sent to a nursing home.

When we bring a love one to a nursing home there are certain levels of expectations that should be met to assure the health and well-being of your loved one. The laws state that a certain duty of care must be met to assure that a patient at a nursing home is properly cared for and, if a health issue does arise, that it is quickly addressed and taken care of.

How to determine if you are eligible for workers' compensation

Throughout the United States, including Louisiana, workers are protected from workplace hazards through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The administration sets and enforces safety guidelines that employers must adhere to in an effort to assure a safe working environment for their employees. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, and injuries and illnesses still occur to thousands of workers in America each year. To offset the financial burdens associated with an injury, state laws require that employees who become injured or sick at work receive workers' compensation.

For temporary injuries or illnesses, workers' compensation payments are made to cover medical costs, lost wages, and costs for retraining when returning to work. In addition, it is designed to compensate for workers who receive permanent injuries and even aid families of workers who are killed at their workplace. Typically, the payments cover 67 percent of a workers' average wage (two-thirds) with a cap as to how much in benefits a worker can receive.

Protecting yourself against medical malpractice

As much as we rely on doctors, surgeons and medical professionals to protect us from diseases and help us when we are injured or get sick, unfortunately there are instances when you may find yourself in worse condition than when you first reached out for help. A vast majority of those in the medical field are competent professionals. They understand that the actions they take and the decisions they make may literally be the difference between life and death. But they are humans, and unfortunately humans are not perfect.

There are many things that could happen that could lead to a medical malpractice suit. A careless surgeon may transplant the wrong organ, a negligent operating room staffer may improperly use medical equipment or may even leave surgical equipment inside of a patient. Such error could lead to catastrophic or even fatal consequences for a victim.

New AAA survey finds millennial drivers to be dangerous

A recent survey by AAA finds that while adults of all ages admit to unsafe driving behaviors, millennials between the ages of 19 and 24 are more dangerous on the road than other age groups. Car accidents are caused by these unsafe behaviors every day in Louisiana and all across the country.

The survey questioned approximately 2,500 drivers over the age of 16 on common risky driving behaviors such as texting and driving, speeding, running red lights, and drunk driving. Many millennials report that using a cell phone while driving is common amongst those in their age group. Almost 90 percent of millennials in the 19 to 24 age group admitted to texting and driving. Over 75 percent of drivers in the 25 to 29 age group also admit to this behavior.

New Orleans Mardi Gras accident allegedly caused by drunk driver

Every day, Louisiana families are torn apart by the actions of an irresponsible driver. Motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Many of these car accidents are caused by reckless drivers who act negligently behind the wheel. In New Orleans, a drunk driving accident during Mardi Gras injured 32 people.

The accident occurred when a 25-year-old man drove his pickup truck into a crowd watching the famous Krewe of Endymion parade. Those present said that the man revved his engine and sped forward into a couple of cars, before losing control and crashing into the crowd. Witnesses say that the man seemed "out of it" and unaware of what had happened.

The deadly combination of distraction and truck drivers

People are quite familiar with the dangers of distracted driving, and this important safety issue is garnering much attention in the media and by organizations that promote safe driving. Despite the increased awareness and even stricter laws regarding this type of dangerous behavior, distracted driving continues to be a problem, one that is not isolated just to drivers of passenger vehicles.

Truck drivers are just as susceptible to the various temptations that can steal a driver's attention. In fact, truckers may be more prone to distraction due to the long hours they spend behind the wheel and mental and physical exhaustion they often experience. When a truck driver is not focused on driving safely, it is a serious threat to every other Louisiana driver and passenger.

A qualified attorney may assist you with your workers' comp claim

No matter where you work, you could be injured on-the-job. Factory workers, construction workers, and other employees that work with heavy machinery may be especially at-risk for injury. In light of these risks, Louisiana employers should have workers' compensation insurance to provide injured employees with benefits. These benefits can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and disability compensation. In exchange for these benefits, workers are generally not permitted to file suit against their employer for their injury.

The process of obtaining workers' compensation benefits can be complicated. Many workers find that their claim is disputed or denied entirely. Claims are denied for a variety of reasons. Many claims are denied because insurers find that the claim was not filed in a timely fashion or that the medical treatment received was not necessary. Without workers' compensation, many people find it difficult to financially support themselves while they recover from an injury.

Louisiana store facing lawsuit after deadly slip-and-fall

Store owners have a responsibility to keep customers safe from dangerous conditions. Failure to fix dangerous conditions may cause serious injuries or death. Property owners who fail to make sure their property is reasonably safe for customers may be held liable for any injuries that occur on the property.

A family is filing suit against a Louisiana Walmart store for negligence and wrongful death after the death of their loved one. The deceased was shopping at the store when she slipped on an unknown substance and fell backward, fracturing her skull. The woman died four days later due to hemorrhaging.

Drowsy driving responsible for many road fatalities

Distracted driving and drunk driving often get the spotlight when it comes to determining car accident causes in the United States. Nowadays, another cause is also getting some attention. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that drowsy driving is responsible for over 6,000 car accident fatalities a year. Falling asleep at the wheel is a serious problem, with 15 percent of all fatal accidents involving a drowsy driver.

Researchers in the study examined data from previous publications on drowsy driving and found that 5,445 fatal crashes since 2010 were caused by drowsy driving. The results show that long hours at work, working night shifts, and working multiple jobs all make drivers more likely to drive while tired. Motorists who fail to get enough sleep before a long road trip are also more likely to be drowsy while behind the wheel. In some cases, medical conditions such as sleep apnea can cause drowsy driving.

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