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Supply vessel seaman files suit after accident

Every day, Louisiana seamen put their lives at risk while on-the-job. Fortunately, the Federal government has implemented the Jones Act to help protect sea vessel employees who get injured or killed while carrying out the duties of his or her job.

Louisiana residents should be aware of the Jones Act

Maritime law has been one of the most important pillars of Louisiana trade for centuries. Many regulations are placed on the fleet to make trade and commerce as smooth as possible. While the United States' ships and vessels that travel outside of the territorial waters bearing the American flag have their own set of maritime laws, internal trade and commerce are also subjected to such laws.

The repeal of Louisiana's Article 1732(6)

There are several laws across the United States that govern the seas. In Louisiana, the Code of Civil Procedure, Article 1732(6), allows plaintiffs in maritime cases, such as, for example, dockworker injuries, to determine if the matter is to be heard and decided by a jury or a judge. As is the case with defendants in other types of legal matters, maritime defendants do not have the option of asking for a trial by jury.

Head-on boating accident leads to injuries

Boating can be a really fun activity for many Louisiana residents. Getting out on the water can provide entertainment as well as a means of travel. However, hitting the open waters requires skill and attention from anyone who anyone who takes command of a boat -- no matter it's size. The consequences for ignoring boating safety rules and regulations can be very serious.

Louisiana seaman files suit under Jones Act in federal court

A man injured on a vessel last year has filed a lawsuit against Big R Towing Inc., where he was previously employed. The man slipped and fell on the vessel's wooden floor during operations. He reportedly suffered a disabling injury and has now filed the suit under the Jones Act in a federal court in Louisiana. The man is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for loss of earning potential and physical and mental pain, among other things.

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