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Seeking legal remedies after car accidents often requires help

A car accident can instantly change a victim's life. Injuries can lead to considerable pain and suffering, substantial medical bills and lost wages. When someone is killed, family members are left with grief and sorrow as well as financial losses. Fortunately, like every other state, Louisiana offers victims legal ways to seek monetary compensation for their losses. Even so, legal action after an accident can be difficult.

Louisiana police and LSU develop tool for reporting car crashes

Louisiana witnesses its fair share of car accidents every year. With a growing number of vehicles on the street, the probability of an auto accident also increases. As such, law enforcement agencies and personnel are always on the lookout to develop better methods of traffic control along with enhanced safety measures to reduce car accidents.

Driver flees after fatal motor vehicle accident in Louisiana

More than 60,000 Louisiana residents are injured in auto accidents each year, some succumbing to their injuries. Many state laws are enforced to reduce motor vehicle accidents. It is illegal to drive drunk or text while driving. Also, driver concentration is imperative because even a minor distraction can cause major devastation to lives and property. According to sources, a single division of the Louisiana State Police has recorded and investigated 12 fatal accidents so far this year.

Louisiana man killed in hit-and-run car accident

For almost every resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, a car is a necessity. However, being a safe, law-abiding and responsible driver is also an important aspect that all people should remember while on the street. What many reckless drivers do not realize is that, even a momentary lapse of concentration, can easily lead to a car accident. Such car accidents may not only hurt the person whom the driver hits, but may also injure the driver. While some may be lucky to escape with minor fender-benders, others may not be that lucky.

Selfies might be the newest car accident hazard

Cell phones are devices that have many different uses. Calling and texting used to be the only communication that could be done, but now most cell phones have Internet capabilities and user-friendly applications for social media. This is changing how people communicate and how they use their cell phones on a daily basis.

Uninsured drivers can cause headaches for injured victims

Many people might not realize the problem that uninsured drivers cause in the Unites States. According to a recent report, approximately 14 percent of drivers in the U.S. are uninsured. This means there is a significant change that if you get rear-ended or injured in a crash, the at-fault driver wouldn't be able to pay for damages or medical expenses.

Are men more likely to text while driving?

We see texting drivers everywhere. Some people think that they are immune to car accidents in Lake Charles, and they are better multitaskers than most people. A new study found that men are more likely than women to think that they can safely text while driving.

Texting while driving: how do we stop this dangerous habit?

People text and drive. They numbers are staggering. Driving down the highway, it wouldn't be uncommon for a person to pass numerous drivers distracted by their cell phones in just a short few-miles drive. A panel of safety and technology individuals met in the nation's Capitol to discuss how to stop people from using their phones while driving.

New technology aims to avoid car accidents through cell phones

Honda unveiled new technology this week, that could help prevent pedestrian, motorcycle and car accidents. The technology is meant to detect pedestrians ahead of cars, using technology to pick up signals from a pedestrian's cell phone. The car would then be able to communicate with the device and determine if the person was distracted by music or a phone conversation, and help the car make a decision.

Truck accident results in 7 deaths

A truck accident in another state resulted in the death of seven relatives. The accident happened when a tractor-trailer rear-ended an SUV, pushing it into another tractor-trailer. The SUV was engulfed in flames and all the people inside were killed. Although accidents of this severity are rare, people can still be seriously hurt or killed because of commercial vehicles.

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