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Common construction injuries on the job

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the workplace, seeing thousands of injuries every year in sites across the country. While much of the responsibility for safety rests on your employer's shoulders, you can also protect yourself by being more aware of what causes construction injuries and what you should do if you are involved in a construction accident.

Distracted driving, car accidents from technology can be reduced

There are two types of technology in cars: tech that distracts us while driving, and tech that helps us drive more effectively and safely. These two distinctions are important to make when considering a new vehicle. Many of the vehicles of the future, and some that are already on the market, will be equipped with high tech devices, from GPS to sensors that detect when a person might hit something.

The painful truth: hospitals profit from medical malpractice

According to a new study, patients that have complications after their surgeries or hospital stays can result in higher revenue for a hospital than patients who have no complications. The study looked at how much money insurers are charged for patients who go home and don't have to return to the hospital for treatment of complications compared to patients that do have to return. Researchers found that insurance companies were charged an average of $30,500 more for patients who returned with complications.

Shrapnel from airbags could cause wrongful death, injuries

Most cars on the road have airbags. These are devices that were meant to help protect people in the event of an accident. One airbag manufacturer, Takata Corp., has made millions of airbags for car manufacturers around the world. Recently, faulty airbags have been reported in many different makes and models of cars with airbags from this manufacturer. The reports indicate that some of these airbags could explode, sending metal shrapnel into the car, driver and passengers.

Longer shifts might be safer for new doctors than shorter hours

Patient safety is supposed to be at the forefront of medical decisions and health care policies. That is one of the reason a medical oversight board reduced the number of hours a new doctor can work in one shift. New medical residents, which are new doctors, had their hours reduced from a maximum of 30 hours per shift to just 16 hours. While this was meant to help reduce the number of errors that doctors make due to fatigue.

Cell transplant could be key to repairing spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are often devastating. Many of them can lead to at least partial paralysis, if not entire paralysis of certain parts of a person's body. This means the person may have to rely on help for daily tasks that many of us take for granted. If the person isn't able to work because of their injuries, this can be devastating to a family's income and the person's self esteem.

Doctors may be distracted by increased regulations

When a doctor steps into an exam room, they try their best to focus on the patient's needs. They ask questions about the patient's medical history, diagnose conditions and prescribe and explain medications. These are all important in making sure the patient receives the best quality care. On top of these important responsibilities, some doctors, especially at smaller clinics might have patient privacy regulations in the back of their mind.

Louisiana seaman files suit under Jones Act in federal court

A man injured on a vessel last year has filed a lawsuit against Big R Towing Inc., where he was previously employed. The man slipped and fell on the vessel's wooden floor during operations. He reportedly suffered a disabling injury and has now filed the suit under the Jones Act in a federal court in Louisiana. The man is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for loss of earning potential and physical and mental pain, among other things.

Never again: new medical study reveals alarming surgery mistakes

Surgery is one of the most important and nerve-wracking medical procedures a person can undergo. Under sedation and under the knife, patients' future well-being is completely in the hands of their surgeons and supporting staff. While the majority of operations result in a healthier future life, serious cases of medical malpractice during surgery are taking place at an alarming rate across the nation.

Ambulance ride leads to injury, lawsuit

Taking a ride in an ambulance is never a desirable situation. The experience of being rushed at high speed through traffic to the hospital can be a frightening but necessary one when a serious and sudden injury or illness has befallen someone. However, sometimes the fast-paced and aggressive driving of an emergency technician can lead to additional harm.

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