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Two women killed in three-vehicle crash on Louisiana highway

A traumatic fatal car accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, or anywhere, can be horrific for families who suffer the loss of a loved one. Car accidents claim hundreds of lives and injure many people every year. Therefore, authorities responsible for regulating traffic rules try their best to keep roads accident-free. However, despite these best efforts, a bit of inattention by a negligent driver can lead to the loss of precious lives.

Louisiana man struck and killed by dump truck

Reports of motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in the news. Every year, thousands of fatalities and injuries can be directly attributed to auto accidents. Although Louisiana law enforcement authorities and highway patrol members make attempts to deploy road safety measures and reduce the number of such incidents, tragic incidents may still occur. A case of wrongful death was recently in the news and is an example of an automobile related fatality.

Unlicensed driver allegedly caused fatal accident in Louisiana

Residents of Louisiana may have heard about the fatal accident that occurred recently on airline Highway in Baton Rouge. A 37-year-old woman was driving her car when she was hit by an 18-wheeler. She died at the scene, following the accident.

Fatal accident near Lake Charles: one killed, three injured

Traffic in and around the bigger cities of Louisiana, such as Lake Charles, is steadily increasing with every passing day. Considering the large number of motor vehicles that ride on the roads of Lake Charles and its surrounding areas, there always remains a substantial chance of getting into an accident and getting injured. Most people would agree that the consequences of motor vehicle accidents are never good, and an injury sustained in a crash can haunt a victim for a long time.

Pedestrian killed in Louisiana accident

People can get hurt in so many different ways in Louisiana. Many accidents are only minor and people bounce back relativity quickly. However, some accidents are often life threatening -- especially those between pedestrians and vehicles. While pedestrians are a common sight on many of Louisiana's roadways, some cars and trucks still are not careful enough to avoid a collision. Since pedestrians have virtually no protection from the massive size of these moving vehicles, accidents are frequently fatal. Recently, a Louisiana roadway had to be closed down following an accident between a vehicle and a person. According to reports, the person was found face down in the ditch near the road. Police are investigating the fatal accident but believe that an auto-pedestrian accident occurred. It is unclear from reports whether the driver of the car stayed on scene or if it was a hit-and-run. When a fatal car accident involves a pedestrian, families members of the victim should ensure that an investigation of the accident takes place. This accident investigation can help to determine if negligence played a role on causing the motor vehicle accident. Negligence can include any behavior that a reasonable driver would have avoided under the same or similar circumstances. Texting and driving, speeding and drunk driving are all examples of common negligent behavior that can cause serious injuries to other drivers and to pedestrians.

Fog likely factor in fatal accident on Lousiana highway

When weather conditions are unfavorable for driving, many drivers in Louisiana will still venture out onto the roadways. While it is important for drivers to get where they need to be in a timely manner, it is more important that they get their safely.

Fatal accident under investigation in Louisiana

Police are investigating an accident that happened late last month. The fatal accident happened on Louisiana Highway 3132, leaving one woman dead. According to a report on the accident, a driver heading east on the highway lost control and flipped her car, going across the median where the car struck another vehicle going the opposite direction. A woman in the westbound vehicle was killed.

Teen dies in car accident just outside of Lake Charles

A car accident involving two vehicles just outside of Lake Charles last week left one teenager dead and two others in serious condition at a hospital. The driver who is believed at-fault in the accident was one of the people injured along with another passenger. A third passenger in her car was the person killed, and  authorities believe the driver may have been impaired at the time.

Shrapnel from airbags could cause wrongful death, injuries

Most cars on the road have airbags. These are devices that were meant to help protect people in the event of an accident. One airbag manufacturer, Takata Corp., has made millions of airbags for car manufacturers around the world. Recently, faulty airbags have been reported in many different makes and models of cars with airbags from this manufacturer. The reports indicate that some of these airbags could explode, sending metal shrapnel into the car, driver and passengers.

Fatal teen car accidents increased in first half of 2012

Teens are a closely watched group of drivers. Many times teens that are just starting to drive get behind the wheel with their friends, cell phones and a large boost of confidence in their increased responsibilities. These three things can be a deadly combination. Teens often overestimate their ability to handle fast speeds and multitask behind the wheel. To combat this, many states have adopted a form of the graduated driver license. This added restrictions for new drivers and may have helped produce eight straight years of declines in the number of teen driving deaths up until 2011.

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