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Pregnant woman hurt in car crash when vehicle runs into Starbucks

Louisianans who are on the road in any capacity -- as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian -- will know there is a possibility of being in an auto accident. These accidents can lead to injuries and fatalities and despite the likelihood that it will not happen, when it does, people must be aware of what they might face in the aftermath. When people are in a store or even in their own homes, they are certainly not thinking they will suddenly be injured in a car crash. However, it does happen when a driver goes out of control and crashes into the building. Those who are hurt or lose their lives in this type of crash should be even more cognizant of the potential damage they can face and think about a legal filing for compensation.

Alleged drunk driver rear-ends rideshare vehicle, injuring driver

Lake Charles residents and Louisianans overall are aware of the dangers of driving under the influence. One way to avoid the risks and consequences of DUI is to use ride-sharing services. The idea is to let someone else do the driving. While this is a wise step for would-be drivers, one factor that is out of the person's control is if there is a drunk driver on the road and they encounter such a driver. An auto accident because of a drunk driver can result in injuries and death. Whether the victim is a person who is driving for a living or is a passenger in a ride-sharing vehicle, it might be necessary to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Soft tissue injuries warrant compensation after an accident

When there is an auto accident in Lake Charles and anywhere in Louisiana, the injuries that are obvious are believed to be the worst and warrant significant compensation in a legal filing. However, some injuries are harder to detect, but can still have a severe impact on a person's life and make it necessary for them to file a lawsuit. Soft tissue injuries fall into this category. Although they are not as clear to the naked eye -- and are often missed by medical professionals in the immediate aftermath of an accident -- that does not diminish their importance. For people who are suffering from soft tissue injuries, legal assistance is crucial to receive adequate compensation.

Fatal auto accident fall in 2018, remain worrisome

Louisianans should be aware of the dangers on the road. Regardless of vigilance, adherence to safety protocol and attentiveness, there is a constant risk of injuries and fatalities in a car crash. Accidents can happen for many reasons. It is wise to keep track of the number of auto accident fatalities in the state and in the different locations on an annual basis as this can provide clues as to where the danger lies. After an accident, it is also important to think about the future and consider a legal filing with help from a qualified attorney.

Alleged hit-and-run drunk driver crashes into and kills bicyclist

When Louisianans head out on the road after drinking, they are putting themselves and others in danger of suffering catastrophic injuries and death in an auto accident. While this is known and law enforcement is out in force trying to stop these drivers before anyone gets hurt, it still happens with an alarming frequency.

Drunk driver injures several in head-on accident

Drivers in Louisiana might be harmlessly minding their own business as they head out on the road and suddenly encounter a drunk driver. This can cause an accident with injuries and death. While it might provide some solace that the driver was arrested for going out on the road after drinking, that does not alter the dramatic life changes that people can face after being injured in this type of car crash. For those who have been impacted, a legal filing might be needed to recover compensation for all that was lost.

Accidents involving a distracted driver do more damage

The stories about distracted drivers in Louisiana are heard every day. Simply looking left and right when on the road is not entirely enough these days. Drivers texting and driving, making a phone call, surfing the web, checking social media or doing any one of the innumerable things possible on a cellphone, have only increased the dangers to pedestrians and other drivers. This is a growing danger for people to be in an auto accident with injuries and death. Despite law enforcement and legislators exhorting drivers not to take part in the practice, it continues. Researchers examine the phenomenon as well.

Study shows auto accident dangers near schools across nation

Safe driving is a concern for everyone in Louisiana. This is true no matter where in the state they are and what they are doing. However, schools and the areas in which children are prevalent can be especially worrisome when it comes to risky driving behaviors. Any amount of recklessness, negligence, speeding, being a distracted driver, driving under the influence and other risky activities behind the wheel can lead to serious accidents involving children with injuries and fatalities. Research has shown just problematic dangerous behaviors near schools can be.

Car accident study says ride shares could raise fatality rates

Not a day goes by when there is not an advertisement, a discussion or a reference to the relatively new phenomenon of ride-sharing services. This is a part of daily life in Louisiana and across the nation. It is clearly here to stay with positives and negatives. One potential negative has come to light from research that indicates there has been an increase in auto accident fatalities as Uber, Lyft and other services have grown to prominence. And, those who have been in an auto accident should be aware of this phenomenon and consider it as a factor if they seek compensation after an accident through a legal filing.

Truck accident kills 1, injures 18

Any auto accident in Louisiana carries with it the risk that people will suffer severe injuries or death. There can be a reasonable debate as to which kinds of crashes are the most dangerous, but regardless of the actual incident, those who were injured and the family of a person who was killed will want answers as to the cause. This can be key to pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

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