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A moment of inattention could lead to a long-term injury

With more and more vehicles out on Louisiana roads each new day, the sheer amount of traffic you encounter as a driver can seem hazardous enough in its own right. While you may face little danger if everyone around you is focusing on the task at hand, unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

Understanding why a workers' comp claim could result in denial

Workplace accidents are a serious concern for many individuals, regardless of the nature of their employment. If you suffer serious injuries in a work-related incident, the high cost of medical expenses and the potential of taking time off work during recovery could leave you with facing substantial financial hardships.

Was the motorist who hit you cognitively or manually distracted?

When you wake up in the morning to get ready for work, do you ever dread the highly congested traffic situations you know you will likely experience on the way to your job? If so, you are definitely not the only Louisiana commuter who thinks such things. In addition to not looking forward to bumper-to-bumper traffic, you may also worry whether any of the motorists you'll encounter will be distracted behind their wheels. As they rush to get to work on time, many drivers make dangerous choices.

Is it time to strap in and discuss seat belt use with your teen?

As a parent, you may have looked forward to many milestones that your children have reached and will continue to reach throughout their lives. One such event that may have caused you some apprehension is when your teenager and his or her friends became old enough to drive. Though this time in your child's life can offer much excitement, you certainly know that inexperienced drivers can face and pose many dangers on the roads.

What is the cause for the rise in number of pedestrian accidents?

Louisiana residents who opt to walk for transportation do so for many reasons. It's good for health purposes, it's free, and for many commuters, it is the easiest way to get from one place to another. Walking is the oldest form of transportation, yet in an age of distraction, it is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous. 

Which injuries qualify for workers' comp?

If you are a worker who has been injured on the job, you may be wondering how you will get by with unexpected costs and a lack of income. Luckily, the workers' compensation insurance program exists to aid injured workers with financial benefits to pay for medical costs and lost income.

Hands-free tech may still contribute to serious accidents

It is not unusual for many Lake Charles residents to use their cell phones to stay connected. Even while out with other friends, you may find yourself checking social media, emails, texts or other communication outlets on your phone. Though your device can help you stay connected almost anytime and anywhere, you also know that it can act as a distraction when you should otherwise pay closer attention.

What constitutes medical malpractice?

If you feel as if you have been injured at the hands of an incompetent doctor, you may be wondering what your options are. Is the injury you received an actionable medical negligence claim or is it an honest accident? Is the injury directly traceable to the physician or could it have been brought about by a number of causes? These are the questions you may be asking yourself as you consider what steps to take next in your potential medical malpractice lawsuit.

Don't let a motor vehicle accident keep you bent out of shape

On a seemingly normal drive to work, you may be sipping some hot coffee from behind the wheel as you approach an intersection. However, while you may be slowing down, the motorist behind you may not be exercising the same level of caution near the red stoplight. All of a sudden, you hear a large crash, and your neck jerks back and forth. The motorist has collided with you.

Rear-ended? Whiplash injuries can be a real pain in the neck

Serious injuries from a car accident can create various challenges in life, whether temporary or permanent. Some injuries might present immediate symptoms, while others may take time to develop. If injured in an accident, you might want to hold off on accepting a settlement until you are aware of all your injuries to avoid missing out on compensation to which you might have otherwise been entitled.

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