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Slight improvement in state's fatal accident work statistics

Regardless of the type of work a Louisianan does, there is a constant risk of there being a work-related accident and a fatality. Of course, some jobs are more dangerous than others, but accidents can happen in any career path. Whether they occur because of circumstances, negligence, recklessness or for some other reason is important to understanding the cause. This can also be crucial when the family left behind is considering a legal filing because of the loss of a loved one. Research is important to having a grasp as to why these incidents occurred. With that, it is wise to consider the statistics of a fatal accident on the job.

Number of deaths in a fatal accident at work increase

It is not uncommon for Louisianans to be injured on the job regardless of the type of work they do. Many people in the state work on oil rigs and in construction. Accidents, however, can happen regardless of the job and if it is considered safe, risky or somewhere in between. In some unfortunate instances, these accidents will be fatal and a family will suffer the loss of a loved one after a fatal accident on the job. Statistics are released intermittently to detail the number of fatal work accidents and their causes. People who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death incident at work should keep track of these statistics as they can be useful for a potential legal case.

Fireman killed he helps at separate accident

Car accidents can happen to anyone in Louisiana and occur for a variety of reasons. Some accidents lead to injuries and others can cause death. A combination of factors can lead to these crashes including weather and a person simply doing his or her job being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A fatal accident must be fully investigated so the family can move forward with a wrongful death legal filing if one is applicable. To know whether it is possible to receive compensation after a fatal accident, it is important to discuss the matter with an attorney.

Fatal accident claims life of 59-year-old man in Louisiana

The roads in Louisiana and across the nation can be dangerous. With the possibility of a driver who is not paying strict attention to the road, is operating a vehicle under the influence, is reckless or negligent, there is always the chance of a car accident. These crashes and their results can range from minor to fatal. In the worst-case scenario, when there is a death, those who suffer the loss of a loved one will have a lot to consider as they come to grips with what happened. One that is difficult, but necessary, is the potential of a wrongful death lawsuit to receive compensation.

Fatal accident statistics show vulnerability of truck drivers

Trucks can be an intimidating sight on the road in Louisiana and across the nation. Those who share the road with these vehicles must be vigilant and aware of their presence. This is especially true if the vehicle is being operated recklessly, is speeding or if it appears that the driver might be under the influence. However, the dangers go both ways and even for truck drivers who are obeying all the laws and requirements of their chosen profession, it remains a risky job. When there is an accident and a trucker is injured or suffers a wrongful death, it is imperative that the family that has suffered the aftereffects including the loss of a loved one understands how to move forward with a legal filing.

Fatal accident statistics show scary increase

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an annual census for fatal injuries that yield significant information about these accidents, in which jobs they are most prevalent, and about trends that should be watched. For people who are considering a legal filing for compensation after the loss of a loved one in a work-related accident, these statistics are also crucial.

Louisianan died in fatal accident due to Takata airbag defect

Louisianans have the right to expect that when they get into a vehicle, the only dangers they will face are accidents and incidents with other vehicles. However, it has become all-too common for automobile design defects to pose as great or a greater risk to cause injury and wrongful death. In some cases, it takes time for the victims who have suffered injury or loss of a loved one to receive information that the issue was due to a malfunction or an automobile design defect. From the time the incident happened, it is imperative that those who were affected understand that it might have been due to a mistake on the part of the manufacturer and the company and take necessary steps to consider a legal filing.

Fatal accident claims life of oil worker near Louisiana

A seemingly endless number of companies are working in or around Louisiana on oil rigs. This creates a significant number of jobs, but also heightens the risk that there will be accidents. With the drilling, maintaining equipment and doing other tasks that are necessary for a rig operating smoothly, people need to be vigilant. Unfortunately, some of these incidents result in injuries or a wrongful death. If a family that has suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident at work they may want to speak to an attorney about whether or not to pursue a legal filing.

Fatal accident kills man when towed boat comes loose from vehicle

A fatal accident in Louisiana can happen in numerous ways, and some of them are unusual. People can suffer a fatal accident when driving, while at work, when simply crossing the street or even in their own homes. No matter the cause, the loss of a loved one will inevitably result in emotional and personal upheaval. A key to pursuing compensation after a fatal accident is the investigation into the circumstances. Having legal assistance in a wrongful death case is crucial.

Fatal accident statistics show rise in most transport categories

While all roads in Louisiana - local and highway - can be dangerous, it is a statistical reality that those on highways are at higher risk to being in a fatal accident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is in the process of formulating strategies for the next five years and seeks to make safety on highways a top priority. The statistics state that highway fatalities far surpass all other areas including pipelines, marine accidents, aviation accidents, and railroad accidents.

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