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Fatal accident kills man when towed boat comes loose from vehicle

A fatal accident in Louisiana can happen in numerous ways, and some of them are unusual. People can suffer a fatal accident when driving, while at work, when simply crossing the street or even in their own homes. No matter the cause, the loss of a loved one will inevitably result in emotional and personal upheaval. A key to pursuing compensation after a fatal accident is the investigation into the circumstances. Having legal assistance in a wrongful death case is crucial.

Fatal accident statistics show rise in most transport categories

While all roads in Louisiana - local and highway - can be dangerous, it is a statistical reality that those on highways are at higher risk to being in a fatal accident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is in the process of formulating strategies for the next five years and seeks to make safety on highways a top priority. The statistics state that highway fatalities far surpass all other areas including pipelines, marine accidents, aviation accidents, and railroad accidents.

Fatal accident with 18-wheeler kills woman

Louisiana will always have large trucks sharing the road with conventional vehicles. This is necessary for the economy and to transport a variety of goods back and forth. However, it glosses over the reality that these trucks can pose a danger to people in smaller vehicles. With a crash involving a truck, there is a good chance that there will be serious injuries and even a fatality. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a truck crash must make certain that they keep their options open to consider a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fatal accident on helicopter kills 2 contractors in Louisiana

Accidents can occur in any circumstance in Louisiana and lead to a fatality. People who are simply minding their own business driving, riding a bicycle or walking can be in a crash and killed. A medical error can result in a person's untimely death. Or accidents can happen at work. Regardless of how the fatal accident came about, there are fundamental issues that will inevitably arise. People will need to understand how a fatal accident can affect them and consider a wrongful death legal filing.

Number killed in a fatal accident in traffic rose in 2016

Louisianans should not only be aware of the dangers on the road, but also the statistics of how and why people are injured and killed in an accident on the road. Researchers examine the numbers of people who are in a fatal accident on the road to determine the cause and formulate strategies to decrease them. The numbers for 2016 have been analyzed, and it was found that there was a rise in deaths.

Pulmonary embolism can be fatal if it is misdiagnosed

Louisianans who make sure they are on top of their health will understand that there are issues that only a doctor and various testing procedures can catch. If, for example, a person goes to a doctor with pain in a certain area of the body that is not excruciating, he or she might be under the impression that it is not serious. However, when a doctor conducts an examination and does the necessary tests, it is possible that something serious will be found. It can then be treated before it causes injury or even death. But there are times when a doctor will commit a misdiagnosis of a fatal condition. This can happen in medical situations such as a pulmonary embolism. When there is a mistake that led to a death due to a pulmonary embolism, the family left behind should know what to do in the aftermath.

Fatal accident claims the life of Louisiana bicyclist

People who are on the Louisiana roads must always be cautious whether they are driving, walking, riding a bicycle or doing anything else. An accident can happen in an instant and lead to significant injuries and death. Those who are not in a vehicle and are hit by one are particularly vulnerable to injuries and fatalities. People who suffer the loss of a loved one in an accident should know how to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue compensation.

Older workers more vulnerable to a fatal accident on the job

Workplace accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. They occur in many different jobs whether the work is fundamentally risky or considered generally safe. People in Louisiana can suffer injuries and fatalities in an unexpected accident regardless of what kind of work they do. Research and statistics are regularly compiled to determine how and why these accidents happen and to whom they occur. This is also beneficial to a family that has suffered the loss of a loved one at work and is considering a legal filing for compensation. One study has shown that older people are suffering a fatal accident on the job more than other workers. This is while the number of fatalities in the workplace is on the decline.

Fatal accident involving truck kills 1

It is a reality of Louisiana driver's life that they share the roadways with 18-wheelers. Essential to the economy to transport people and goods, they can be seen hurrying down the highways. Though federal and state laws regulate much of the trucking industry, including the weight of the items to be transported and the hours a truck driver can drive and rest, truck drivers are under constant pressure to drive faster and longer. This can often lead to fatal accidents.

Possible medical mistakes cause wrongful death of new mother

The birth of a child is the culmination of not only the past nine or so months of the parents' lives, but also of their loved ones. They await and pray for the healthy birth of the new born and when it happens, the whole family rejoices. But if the medical staff commits a medical mistake that puts the newborn and mother at risk, confusion and tragedy can often be the result.

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