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What should you know about workers' compensation rehabilitation?

When a worker in Louisiana suffers workplace injuries, workers' compensation is a key factor in helping them as they receive treatment, get a percentage of their wages and try to recover and get back to work. For many workers, however, getting back to the same job they did before is not feasible based on their injuries. For those who can do a certain type of work, the injured worker will receive education and/or training to be able to get back to work. Understanding the important points about this process is essential to the injured worker.

Latest stats show Louisiana workplace accident numbers improve

Workplace injuries can happen in any type of employment. It is imperative to understand how the statistics translate to workers' compensation claims. Information for previous years is slowly being assessed and calculated. A recent post discussed the improvement in the state's fatal work accident statistics. Also improving is the rate of non-fatal workplace injuries and illness. Despite that, there will inevitably be workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses. Those who are affected by this should understand their rights to workers' compensation.

Can I have a mediator to settle my workers' compensation dispute?

When a Louisiana worker suffers workplace injuries or has an occupational disease, he or she will be within their rights to seek workers' compensation benefits to cover for the lost time one the job, pay for medical expenses and provide other benefits. However, these cases are sometimes in dispute. While there are alternatives to try to get the workers' compensation the employee feels entitled to, one strategy that might be beneficial is to have a mediation conference.

Dealing with a workers' compensation vocational rehab dispute

Louisiana workers who suffer workplace injuries or conditions due to their employment will often not have severe enough issues that they can never work again. However, they might not be able to get back to the same work they did before. This is when vocational rehabilitation is necessary. There are certain laws for counseling with vocational rehabilitation and this should be understood as the worker takes part in the available programs.

The right approach after workplace injuries on oil rigs

Working in the oil industry and on oil rigs is a common way for Louisiana residents to earn a living. While they are proud of the work and take care to do it safely, there is no denying how dangerous it can be. This was evidenced with a recent incident in which there was an explosion leading to injuries and fatality. People who work on tankers, oil rigs and platforms are notoriously vulnerable to suffering workplace injuries. A concern that many should have is what they would do if they are hurt and unable to work for a time, if not forever. This is when it is vital to think about workers' compensation benefits.

Workplace accident on oil rig injures seven, with one man missing

Some jobs in Louisiana can be risky for workers and an accident can result in severe injuries and even death. Those who work in these types of jobs will rarely complain about them and can put aside the dangers they are confronted with on a regular basis. However, that does not mean that they or their families can forget about it entirely. This comes to the forefront when there is a workplace accident and workers suffer injuries and death. Knowing the process to receive workers' compensation becomes vital when there are lost wages and medical expenses to consider.

Unusual workplace accident sends construction worker to ICU

Workplace accidents in Louisiana can vary in myriad ways. Even a workplace accident that sounds difficult to believe really happened can lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. Those who are hurt on the job will often face many different issues after the fact. This is when workers' compensation is vital to provide medical coverage, income and compensation for the short and, if necessary, long-term. Having legal assistance in these matters is often imperative to get all workers' compensation benefits a person is entitled to.

Worker killed in construction site accident

Construction is a prominent source of employment in Louisiana and there are many benefits to it. People who work in the industry take pride in their jobs and contribute a great deal to the state. However, that does not eliminate the reality that there is a litany of risks that go along with the work. Heavy machinery, large tools, working at great heights and with large vehicles places workers and passersby in jeopardy. If there is an accident at a construction site, there can be severe injuries and death. Those who have been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one should be aware of how to file a workers' compensation claim.

Understanding how medical expenses are paid after a work injury

Louisiana workers who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses might have questions and concerns as to how the medical expenses will be covered through workers' compensation. There are certain facts that people need to know as they are receiving medical care for their issues. Some are important to the worker in the initial stages. Others are more in-depth and are related to forms that must be filled out before payments are made.

Legal help after a workplace neck or back injury

Louisiana workers who suffer a neck or back injury because of their job will quickly learn how debilitating these injuries can be. The neck and back are involved in so many different movements and activities, that simply getting up in the morning can be an exercise in endless pain. Working can be difficult if not outright impossible. For those who are suffering from these injuries, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline, providing payments for lost time at work and medical care. However, getting these workers' compensation benefits can sometimes be problematic, leading workers to seek the assistance of an attorney.

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