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Workers who are not U.S. citizens can get workers' compensation

Given the concerns that confront non-citizens of the United States in Louisiana and across the nation, there might be a hesitation to reporting injuries suffered in a workplace accident. These worries add a new layer to the natural fear that immigrants might have if they are injured on the job and require workers' compensation benefits. Fortunately, non-citizens can get workers' compensation benefits just like any other citizen. Understanding what benefits are available and how to get them often requires assistance from a legal professional.

Men suffer workplace injuries after falling while removing sign

There are certain jobs in a municipality that must be done so it can be run efficiently and safely. Louisiana is no exception. Many of these jobs, however, place workers in danger. This could be a job that requires the worker to be stationed high above ground, near electrified cables and using heavy equipment. When there is an accident, there is a chance for serious workplace injuries and death.

Understanding workers' compensation and indemnity benefits

Workers in Louisiana who suffer workplace injuries can get a variety of benefits to cover their wages and pay for medical care through workers' compensation insurance. Since there are often concerns about what these benefits cover and the different areas for which workers can receive compensation, it is important to understand all the different areas. One area is indemnity benefits.

Workplace accident causes chemical burns to three contractors

Louisiana has many jobs in the energy sector and many of these jobs can be risky for workers. Because these jobs are often associated with explosive material, dangerous substances, situations where people can fall from great heights, the use of heavy equipment and locations that could be rife with hazards, it is natural that people will occasionally suffer injuries. When there is a workplace accident, it is imperative for the workers and their families to know about workers' compensation benefits.

Helicopter crash leads to two workplace injuries and one death

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen in many kinds of employment in Louisiana. Since there are a seemingly endless number of occupations, the circumstances in which there are workplace injuries can vary accordingly. For example, some people work out in the field and perform a variety of duties. If the job requires the worker to take to the air as part of their employment, there is a chance that an accident can happen. These accidents can be severe with injuries and fatalities. Those who have been affected should know their rights to seek workers' compensation and other benefits.

Man suffers workplace injuries when crane topples over

Workers in Louisiana who suffer workplace injuries must bear in mind that they are protected by the workers' compensation benefits system. Some jobs are more dangerous than others and those who work with heavy equipment, do physical labor or are on sites that are not entirely stable can be more vulnerable than others. No matter the job, when there is a workplace accident, the injured person and his or her family must make certain their rights to workers' compensation are protected and they get the benefits they are entitled to.

Can I file a complaint about the workers' compensation judge?

When a worker in Louisiana suffers workplace injuries or has a health condition caused by employment, it is expected that workers' compensation benefits will be available for lost wages and medical coverage. However, there are sometimes issues with the workers' compensation claim. One issue that can leave a worker wondering what to do next is if there is a problem with the workers' compensation judge. The worker must understand that there are options to complain about any misconduct or disability on the part of the judge.

What should you know about workers' compensation rehabilitation?

When a worker in Louisiana suffers workplace injuries, workers' compensation is a key factor in helping them as they receive treatment, get a percentage of their wages and try to recover and get back to work. For many workers, however, getting back to the same job they did before is not feasible based on their injuries. For those who can do a certain type of work, the injured worker will receive education and/or training to be able to get back to work. Understanding the important points about this process is essential to the injured worker.

Latest stats show Louisiana workplace accident numbers improve

Workplace injuries can happen in any type of employment. It is imperative to understand how the statistics translate to workers' compensation claims. Information for previous years is slowly being assessed and calculated. A recent post discussed the improvement in the state's fatal work accident statistics. Also improving is the rate of non-fatal workplace injuries and illness. Despite that, there will inevitably be workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses. Those who are affected by this should understand their rights to workers' compensation.

Can I have a mediator to settle my workers' compensation dispute?

When a Louisiana worker suffers workplace injuries or has an occupational disease, he or she will be within their rights to seek workers' compensation benefits to cover for the lost time one the job, pay for medical expenses and provide other benefits. However, these cases are sometimes in dispute. While there are alternatives to try to get the workers' compensation the employee feels entitled to, one strategy that might be beneficial is to have a mediation conference.

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