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Louisiana doctor sued for medical malpractice

While medical patients and family members tend to entrust doctors and medical attendants with the highest degree of responsibility, to the extent of sometimes literally placing a life in their hands, there are circumstances wherein such trust may not always be proven to have been rightly placed. Doctors, like all human beings, are prone to errors and mistakes, and on occasion negligence.

Medical negligence exposes patients to dangerous brain disease

In Louisiana patients could sometimes endure risks when it comes to medical treatment and procedures. Medical malpractice is a wrongful act or omission by a medical practitioner below standard of practice. This can result in the patient's injury or death. Medical malpractice can be fatal surgical errors, surgical equipment left inside a patient, wrong-site surgery, organ damage and burn injury, which often results in a lawsuit. Recently, in North Carolina, 18 neurosurgery patients were possibly exposed to a terminal brain disorder because the instruments used were not properly sterilized.

Report: hundreds of instruments left in patients since 2005

When a patient schedules a surgical procedure, or is in an emergency situation that requires surgery, they often place their trust in the hands of medical professionals. These professionals often have years of training or are under supervision while attending to patients. However, even though doctors and nurses have a lot of training, they are still making severe surgical errors that can affect a patient's wellbeing for years to come.

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