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Shrapnel from airbags could cause wrongful death, injuries

Most cars on the road have airbags. These are devices that were meant to help protect people in the event of an accident. One airbag manufacturer, Takata Corp., has made millions of airbags for car manufacturers around the world. Recently, faulty airbags have been reported in many different makes and models of cars with airbags from this manufacturer. The reports indicate that some of these airbags could explode, sending metal shrapnel into the car, driver and passengers.

Male breast cancer may often be misdiagnosed

Breast cancer can be a devastating diagnosis. Over 230,000 women are diagnosed with the disease each year in the United States. Just over 2,200 men are diagnosed with the disease. Although this disease rarely affects men compared to women, the lower number of diagnoses may be detrimental to accurately diagnosing the men who do have breast cancer.

Fatal teen car accidents increased in first half of 2012

Teens are a closely watched group of drivers. Many times teens that are just starting to drive get behind the wheel with their friends, cell phones and a large boost of confidence in their increased responsibilities. These three things can be a deadly combination. Teens often overestimate their ability to handle fast speeds and multitask behind the wheel. To combat this, many states have adopted a form of the graduated driver license. This added restrictions for new drivers and may have helped produce eight straight years of declines in the number of teen driving deaths up until 2011.

Doctors may be distracted by increased regulations

When a doctor steps into an exam room, they try their best to focus on the patient's needs. They ask questions about the patient's medical history, diagnose conditions and prescribe and explain medications. These are all important in making sure the patient receives the best quality care. On top of these important responsibilities, some doctors, especially at smaller clinics might have patient privacy regulations in the back of their mind.

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