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Legal assistance is needed for head-on and rear-end car accidents

For Louisianans who are in a car accident, some accidents place them in greater danger of being injured or killed than others. For example, when the driver is in a head-on crash or is rear-ended, they are naturally vulnerable and can suffer worse injuries than in other types of crashes. When there is an auto accident of this category, the victims and their families must think about the future and consider their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Infotainment systems worsening the distracted driver problem

While there are many dangers on the road in Louisiana and having the misfortune of encountering a distracted driver is one of the most prominent issues leading to an auto accident and is so frequently discussed, it is still automatically assumed that the main distraction is a phone. While this is a reason for many accidents, a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that new features like infotainment systems are also serving as a distraction for drivers. This must be factored in when there is a crash reconstruction, distracted driving is believed to be a cause and the phone was not in use.

Distracted driver behaviors are not limited to phone use

Since distracted driving is a problem that is getting worse in Louisiana and across the U.S., researchers conduct surveys and do research into the issue to try to find a way to reduce or even stop it completely. Part of that research involves delving deeply into various factors, such as gender and how people are distracted. One new survey has discovered interesting results in this regard. They can be important factors when there is an auto accident, a distracted driver is believed to have been a cause and the victims are considering a legal filing for compensation.

Encountering a distracted driver is more common in summer

Coming across a distracted driver is something that Louisiana residents have probably grown accustomed to. Simply looking to the left or the right when driving, when at a stop light or at any other time on the road will inevitably result in seeing a driver who is engrossed in his or her device or taking part in another activity that is in no way connected to driving. The danger of this practice is well-known. Researchers and legislators are seeking strategies to reduce distracted driving and one of the important steps in this endeavor is knowing when drivers are more likely to be distracted.

Distracted driver behaviors rise with cruise control use

Louisiana residents have enough to worry about when they are on the road without more dangers cropping up. But, as new innovations become commonplace and automakers take steps to integrate them into the vehicles they create, negatives often accompany them. Despite many innovations being in the early stages of development, these remain a concern as people are injured and killed. Studies are examining these factors in various combinations.

Survey examined risky behaviors that can cause an auto accident

Considering the dangers of an auto accident when on the road in Louisiana and across the U.S., it is important to keep an eye on the potential causes to try to avoid them. It is also useful to understand these causes after the accident has happened. A recent survey sought to determine why drivers choose to engage in risky acts. This survey, from Envista Forensics, included 2,000 respondents who confessed to risky behaviors when driving.

Study shows increase in fatal pedestrian-car accidents

The roads in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. have become increasingly treacherous for many reasons. One aspect that is a growing concern is the number of pedestrian accidents that are happening. Since pedestrians have no protection and must rely on the sidewalk, crosswalks, traffic lights and stop signs among other things designed to prevent drivers from operating their vehicles without stopping, a crash between a car and a pedestrian can cause severe injuries and death. Research is examining the growing trend of pedestrian-auto accidents and has come to troublesome conclusions regarding the problem.

State tries to reduce distracted driver numbers with proposed law

Louisiana drivers who are on the road for any amount of time will know that the problem of distracted driving is prevalent. Being a distracted driver is inherently dangerous and is being exacerbated by the number of different things that can be done on cellphones as technology improves. One thing that many people choose not to do is to use hands-free technology so that they are not holding the device while driving.

Certain Lake Charles locations have frequent car accidents

While a car accident can be viewed as a random event that hinges on individual circumstances, there is often statistical and anecdotal evidence that certain areas of Lake Charles can be more dangerous than others. There are many reasons for this, including the configuration of the road, road work, whether there is a stop sign or a traffic light and other factors. People who are in a crash in Lake Charles or any other area in Louisiana should know about areas that are particularly dangerous, in order to be extra cautious. After an auto accident has occurred, the location itself can be a key point when considering a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Louisiana high on list of hit and run auto accident deaths

When there is an auto accident in Louisiana, it is expected that the driver of the vehicle will stop to render aid or call for emergency assistance. Unfortunately, not everyone stops after being involved in a car crash. If there is an accident with a pedestrian, this is even worse because of the lack of protection a pedestrian has and the likely need for help. Studies are conducted to examine the frequency with which drivers flee the scene after a crash and there are some troubling numbers.

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