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New study shows distracted driver numbers were underestimated

For Louisiana residents who are worried about their safety when they are heading out on the road, distracted driving is a common fear they must think about, take steps to avoid and hope that it does not affect them. Studies are common to determine the scope of the danger. A new one from Zendrive will do little to assuage their fears. Drivers who are in a crash and either know or suspect it was due to a distracted driver should take note of the prevalence of the behavior, as it can be important when considering a legal filing to attempt to be compensated.

Auto accident in supermarket parking lot injures pedestrian

Drivers and pedestrians in Lake Charles and throughout Louisiana must keep a close eye on each other to avoid accidents that can cause injuries and fatalities. This is especially true in areas where there are no traffic lights and stop signs and drivers are required to make decisions based on judgment, such as in parking lots. It is easy to lose sight of pedestrians or fail to see them at all. When a pedestrian is hit, it can lead to broken bones, cuts and head injuries. After these types of car accidents, it is important to understand how a lawsuit might help recover in the aftermath.

Goodyear tires on motorhomes might be linked to car accidents

There are so many different dangers on the roads in Louisiana that one of the last things that people will expect to be a problem is the tires on their own vehicles. Unfortunately, among the litany of issues that can lead to a car crash with injuries and fatalities, is the possibility that there was a defect with the tires. When this happens, it is important that there be a full investigation, a crash reconstruction and the proper steps taken to determine how and why it happened to ensure that it does not place anyone else in jeopardy. But, in some cases, the company does not adhere to this basic principle. Such is believed to have been the case with Goodyear tires for motorhomes.

New AAA survey shows prevalence of distracted driver incidents

It is not difficult to look at a vehicle and find a driver who is texting and driving, using social media or looking down at a device. Research examines this phenomenon and uses the results of studies to try to find methods to reduce the number of people who are behaving as a distracted driver. This information can also be useful for those who were injured or who have lost a loved one in an auto accident, as evidence of distracted driving can help with a legal filing for compensation.

Motorcycle-auto accident sends off-duty deputy to hospital

Accidents are common on the roads in Lake Charles and they can happen to anyone. Even law enforcement officers are not immune to being in a crash when they are on or off-duty. Some off-duty officers enjoy riding motorcycles in their spare time. Part of their job will inevitably be dealing with these accidents, so they are aware of the risks and what can happen to riders. Since a motorcycle-auto accident can result in injuries and death, those who have been affected by a crash should be aware of the litany of issues that will inevitably arise after it has happened. A legal filing can be beneficial to cover for the aftermath of car accidents.

Improperly loaded trucks can lead to an auto accident

There are many different vehicles on the road in Louisiana and all must share the road, be predictable and take all the necessary steps to ensure that everyone remains safe. Large trucks are part of that. These vehicles can be intimidating, with their size and the speeds at which they travel. For the most part, their owners and operators take the required steps to make certain that all the safety boxes are checked. However, given the need to cart heavy items and equipment, some of it must be strapped down. This can result in danger.

Two high schoolers in crosswalk hurt in pedestrian-auto accident

In Louisiana, pedestrians are vulnerable to injuries and death as a car accident victim. Since vehicles can be large, heavy and travel at significant speed, a pedestrian has little chance of emerging from a crash unscathed. The injuries can lead to massive medical costs, lost time at work and other problems. Fatalities are a very real possibility. Notably at risk for being in pedestrian-car accidents are children and teens. Many of these accidents happen in the morning when youngsters are heading to school, or in the afternoon when they are heading home. After such an accident, it is critical to know how best to move forward to seek compensation for all that was lost.

Factors beyond cellphones can go into being a distracted driver

Louisiana residents who are on the road in any capacity for even a short period of time will likely see many people behind the wheel of a motor vehicle who are texting and driving or doing other things that lead to them being a distracted driver. This is a known problem throughout the country as 47 of the 50 states - including Louisiana - have prohibited texting while driving. A meta-study from the journal Human Factors examined cellphone use and driving. It conducted experiments to come to its conclusions and included other distracting activities, such as talking to passengers.

Car accident with police car sends two people to hospital

In Lake Charles and across Louisiana, the roads can be a dangerous place. Oftentimes, that danger is related to reckless drivers, drivers under the influence, distracted drivers and other factors. An understated issue that places people at risk is law enforcement or other first responders speeding to get to a scene. While these drivers are trained to operate their vehicles in such circumstances, there can still be car accidents. People who are injured or lose their lives in an auto accident with a law enforcement vehicle should know that they have the same rights to file a lawsuit after a crash with a police car as they do in a crash with any other vehicle.

Auto accident between car and motorcycle kills rider

Motorcyclists in Louisiana face dangers that those in conventional vehicles do not. Regardless of the safety precautions that riders might take, they can suffer catastrophic injuries, and even death, in a crash. Oftentimes, these are motorcycle-car accidents that happen when a vehicle does not see the motorcycle because of negligence or distraction. The rider who has been injured and the family of a rider who lost his or her life may want to have legal assistance for a full crash reconstruction so they can pursue compensation in a lawsuit.

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